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Which Schlage Locks Are The Safest?

Technology is fast changing and the lock manufacturers are slowly embracing technology. Getting a suitable lock is the first step towards securing your home from burglars. When you travel a lot you need a good lock to give you a piece of mind when you when you are away on business. There are so many locks in the market and all give promises of securing your home. Making a choice on the suitable one becomes a task. However, you do not have to look any more for a safe lock. All you need is just buy schlage locks. These locks come in a wide variety and you will find it hard to choose. You will be spoiled for choice because there are several locks that are technologically advanced to protect your home. With that in mind, which schlage locks are the safest? Here are just some of the schlage locks at your disposal. Make your choice depending on our needs.

Schlage touch Camelot lock

The schlage touch lock just as the name suggests is a touch screen lock. This means that you do not need to carry keys all the time. All you need is just have the password and you are good to go. You do not have to worry about losing your keys or being locked out. This lock comes with grade two security rating for better performance. Furthermore, it also has 2 year battery life and LED lighting. You are guaranteed of your homes safety because there are no keys to be duplicated. This touch lock gives you simplicity and convenience. Say goodbye to keys and hello to touch screen locks. There is no better way to get convenience in your home. Get the schlage touch Camelot lock installed in your home for that double security that you will not get anywhere else. You will not be disappointed in anyway by these electronic.

Schlage touch Camelot deadbolt

Schlage Camelot TouchscreenIf you are looking for an exceptional performance residential lock, then you should not hesitate to go for the schlage touch Camelot deadbolt. It has all you need to upgrade the security of your home. Not only will it keep your home safe but it also gives you the freedom you need. This deadbolt is suitable if you have kids and you are worried that they may mess up with the keys. It is built with quality materials for exceptional security. Additionally, it has LED lighting and grade two security rating. Burglars will not have anything to pick since it is touch screen. When you use this lock, you give your home double security. Save yourself the hassle of carrying a bunch of keys and get this deadbolt installed in your home. The security of your home will be guaranteed when you install this lock.

Schlage touch century deadbolt

Schlage Touch CenturyPut your security at the top of your list by buying the single touch century deadbolt. There are a number of benefits that you will get by using this deadbolt. You can have a lock installed in your home at anytime. All you have to do is just ensure that you get someone who is experienced in installing such locks. Just like all the schlage locks, this one comes with LED lighting, grade two security rating, touch screen and a key less design. You will have the freedom you want because there are no keys to burden you. This lock may be costly but it worth the money you will spend having it installed. It allows you to take security to a whole new level.

The above are just some of the products at your disposal. However, there are a wide variety of products that you can choose when you decide to buy schlage locks. You will never go wrong with schlage locks. Besides, Schlage is a reputable company and when you buy lock you get only the best. Their products are technologically advanced to give you the security your need at home .you are guaranteed of getting stylish locks that are safe. There is no need to look anywhere else for products that suit your needs. You will get the security you need to have a sound sleep at night. Go ahead and get the best security for your home. You do not have anything to lose by getting one of these locks. All you get is security at its best. You will get value for your money when you buy these locks.

Learn All About Schlage Locks- before installing it into your home

Security is considered as the top priority for every homeowner who is looking for the best locks for their home followed by cost, finish and style. Hence it is very important that you select locks based on its use whether you want it for interiors or exterior. The locks that are used in the exterior are completely different from those used inside your home as it can different locking mechanisms for extra safety and protection. It is very important that you select the best locks for your home as it is a subtle way of upgrading your home. With the right selection of the locking system, you can make your life easier and simpler along with adding security features into your home.


Schlage electronicIf you are looking for the best locks for your home, you will need to learn all about Schlage locks so that you can get access into your home even without the keys. Schlage locks are a trusted symbol for safety and security in homes and businesses. These new keypad locks and deadlocks combines high quality metal works along with latest digital technology for providing maximum security. Both the deadbolt and keypad lock types can be used in home as these locks are available in different styles, shapes and designs. The different finishes of these locks include satin nickel, aged bronze and bright brass finishes which are equipped with new keypad system. These locks offer a large number of innovations and advantages which is the reason for the popularity of Schlage locks among locksmiths, builders and security specialists. The tubular designs of these locks make it impossible to pick and the abnormal bittings and shape of these key are completely different from the other brands. These locks come with forged brass construction that makes it resistant to any kind of tampering or kick-ins. These electronic locks are appropriate for commercial and residential applications which allows for multiple user codes, keyless entry and auto locking after door recloses. The electronic locks are preprogrammed with random codes for ensuring that no two locks have the same code which adds another layer of security to your home. All the Schlage locks are rigorously tested for meeting the ANSI standards and these locks are long lasting as it can also be easily repaired and re-keyed by the locksmith. The three year warranty of commercial locks and limited lifetime warranty on the residential locks can provide you with complete peace of mind in case the locks malfunction. The one piece sold design of these locks makes it resistant to attacks with crow bars and hammers and it also prevents the key cylinder from getting knocked out with a chisel or screwdriver. Apart from the security features you should also learn all about Schlage locks as these locks have been innovated for making it the industry leader in door security. It enables you to have remote access to the doors as well as control via the web which provides added benefits to the homeowners.


Schlage electronic1The Schlage locks have taken security to the next level as it combines the best of both function and styles into one lock as you will not have to worry about leaving your home unlocked or forgetting the keys because the automatic locking features of these locks helps in locking the locks automatically. These locks are the best option for your exterior doors as it comes with commercial grade clutching motor drive which has been tested for surviving million cycles. The stylish external levers and tampering resistance knob is available in a large variety of designs and styles so that you can select the one according to your taste and preference. You can programme the lock of your doors with a six digit programmer’s key for controlling unrestricted entry into your home. Even if someone tries to break into your home by inputting the wrong codes, the lock will alert you with a warning sounds and its keypad will be disable automatically after few seconds. Schlage locks are the very simple system that can be installed easily into your home as this cutting edge security system is the best way of adding safety, protection and security into your home and property.

How to Re-key a Schlage Deadbolt Home Door Lock

Here is a great video from Mr Locksmith about re-keying a Schlage deadbolt door lock. This guy does great videos and I am sure you will enjoy this one. If you are ever in question about installing a lock we always recommend that you call a locksmith to insure the lock is installed correctly.

Learn About Re-Keying A Schlage Lock – DIY

Schlage-door-key-for lockSo you are thinking about re-keying a Schlage lock on your own. Below are some steps provided by the great people at Seattle Locksmith Pros out of Seattle, WA that will help you in the process. Be sure to call a professional locksmith if you have trouble as it is very important to do this correctly.

The 1st Step:

A) You will want to put the key into you Schlage lock and then turn it about 90 degrees clockwise to around a 3 o’clock position on a traditional clock.

B) Now you will want to locate what is called the catch (normally a little metal button on the left side of the lock) on the door knob’s stem piece and then use the little front tab on your key gauge which is included with your new re-keying kit so that you can push in your catch to release the knob.

C) Pull the knob off and continue to step 2.

2nd Step

rekey-illustration-handsA) Now you will need to turn the key about 90 degrees ( this being counterclockwise, to a 12 o’clock position on a traditional clock hand) and then slowly pull the key out.

B) Once this is done you can release the lock’s cylinder to let the tail end of that cylinder to drop inside the knob itself.

C) What we call the key-way (where you put the key in the lock), from a frontal view, should now be a little lower and also on an angle as well.

D) You can now push the cylinder through and out of the backside of your knob.

E) The cylinder cap should depress as you push to safely fit it through the knob of your Schlage door lock.

3rd Step

A) Go ahead and Push the C clip (also known as the retaining clip) off the edge of the cylinder using the U shape which is on your key gauge.

B) No put in the new key and turn the key in the lock 90 degrees clockwise.

C) This is where you will use the plug follower (plastic rod inside the re-keying kit you have) insert it into the rear side of the lock cylinder to push the key-way and key out the front of the lock itself.

D) Remember though you do not want to remove the plug follower from within the cylinder housing. The plug follower should always be able to hold the bottom pins and also the springs in place.

4th Step

lock-inner-workingsA) Be sure to work over a large area (like a kitchen table or island), no you should go ahead and turn the plug (the part with the key) upside down so that you can dump out the bottom pins easily and safely and then place in the new bottom pins into the plug as well.

B) You must make sure that the new pins are totally flush with the plug.
Tip: (If a pin is not totally flush just remove it and then try a another pin that is able to sit flush.)

C) It is now time to insert your plug in the cylinder lock housing while gently forcing the plug follower to fall out the backside.

D) Now insert the C clip onto the cylinder & remove the key

5th Step

A) Now you can easily push down on the cap on top of the cylinder lock piece with your finger so it will fit back in the knob.

B) You can now line up the cap with the slot right inside your knob sleeve.

C) Place the cylinder inside of the knob then insert the new key and safely turn it 90 degrees.

D) Now accurately align the catch button with the slot on your shank and then use the key gauge to press down the catch button.

E) Last but not least go ahead and slide the knob onto the shank. Now rotate the key 90 degrees counterclockwise (to a 12 o’clock position on a traditional clock) and now remove the key.

Videos About Re-Keying Home Schlage Locks