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Which Schlage Locks Are The Safest?

Technology is fast changing and the lock manufacturers are slowly embracing technology. Getting a suitable lock is the first step towards securing your home from burglars. When you travel a lot you need a good lock to give you a piece of mind when you when you are away on business. There are so many locks in the market and all give promises of securing your home. Making a choice on the suitable one becomes a task. However, you do not have to look any more for a safe lock. All you need is just buy schlage locks. These locks come in a wide variety and you will find it hard to choose. You will be spoiled for choice because there are several locks that are technologically advanced to protect your home. With that in mind, which schlage locks are the safest? Here are just some of the schlage locks at your disposal. Make your choice depending on our needs.

Schlage touch Camelot lock

The schlage touch lock just as the name suggests is a touch screen lock. This means that you do not need to carry keys all the time. All you need is just have the password and you are good to go. You do not have to worry about losing your keys or being locked out. This lock comes with grade two security rating for better performance. Furthermore, it also has 2 year battery life and LED lighting. You are guaranteed of your homes safety because there are no keys to be duplicated. This touch lock gives you simplicity and convenience. Say goodbye to keys and hello to touch screen locks. There is no better way to get convenience in your home. Get the schlage touch Camelot lock installed in your home for that double security that you will not get anywhere else. You will not be disappointed in anyway by these electronic.

Schlage touch Camelot deadbolt

Schlage Camelot TouchscreenIf you are looking for an exceptional performance residential lock, then you should not hesitate to go for the schlage touch Camelot deadbolt. It has all you need to upgrade the security of your home. Not only will it keep your home safe but it also gives you the freedom you need. This deadbolt is suitable if you have kids and you are worried that they may mess up with the keys. It is built with quality materials for exceptional security. Additionally, it has LED lighting and grade two security rating. Burglars will not have anything to pick since it is touch screen. When you use this lock, you give your home double security. Save yourself the hassle of carrying a bunch of keys and get this deadbolt installed in your home. The security of your home will be guaranteed when you install this lock.

Schlage touch century deadbolt

Schlage Touch CenturyPut your security at the top of your list by buying the single touch century deadbolt. There are a number of benefits that you will get by using this deadbolt. You can have a lock installed in your home at anytime. All you have to do is just ensure that you get someone who is experienced in installing such locks. Just like all the schlage locks, this one comes with LED lighting, grade two security rating, touch screen and a key less design. You will have the freedom you want because there are no keys to burden you. This lock may be costly but it worth the money you will spend having it installed. It allows you to take security to a whole new level.

The above are just some of the products at your disposal. However, there are a wide variety of products that you can choose when you decide to buy schlage locks. You will never go wrong with schlage locks. Besides, Schlage is a reputable company and when you buy lock you get only the best. Their products are technologically advanced to give you the security your need at home .you are guaranteed of getting stylish locks that are safe. There is no need to look anywhere else for products that suit your needs. You will get the security you need to have a sound sleep at night. Go ahead and get the best security for your home. You do not have anything to lose by getting one of these locks. All you get is security at its best. You will get value for your money when you buy these locks.

The Best Baldwin Locks On The Market

The Baldwin company was founded by Severin Fayerman in 1946. They manufacture and distribute high grade locks for all types of doors. Their catalogue contains all the various types of locks. There are locks for al doors, sizes and purposes. These range from locks for your doors at home to enterprise quality locks for security companies. There are just so many different choices. So which are the best of the best?

  1. Baldwin Single Cylinder Round Deadbolt

The stand out feature of this lock is its’ lifetime polished brass finish. This is just the base of what this lock has to offer. The intricate details and mechanics within the lock itself is marvelous. It has a classic round shape that will enhance any design and supplement any door. You can partner the lock with a wide range of knobs. Baldwin has designed a revolutionary smart key re-key technology that places the power of access to your home in your hands alone. It can be locked from either side of the door. The perfect solution for all front, side and garage doors in your home.

  1. Baldwin Lifetime Satin Nickel Keyless Entry

Finally, you do not have to worry about losing your keys. Why do I say this? That is because this lock operates through an electronic deadbolt, 6 button access system. This means that the lock/unlock function is based within a keypad system. In order to lock your home, you need to press 1 button. That is all. This a perfect innovation for people with children, forgetful souls and angry parents who often bang the door multiple times so that it may lock. The unlock function is based on your own personal numeric sequence. This lock is not just safe but it is a cool way to show off to your friends.

  1. Baldwin Tobin Hall or Closet Lever

Baldwin Tobin HallYou do not always need to have military grade locks on your doors. Often simplicity is the best. This lever is best used on closets, hallways and kitchen cupboards wherein locking capabilities is more of a pain than a luxury. The lever is reversible and can be mounted on either side of the door.

  1. Baldwin Alcott Entry Knob

This lock was built for luxury. It is compatible with most designs on the market. This luscious design complements modern technology with perfect flow. It is not just pretty! It is actually most suitable for outdoor locks that require a key. Baldwin implemented its’ very own patented technology that allows you to rekey your lock as well as being built to withstand lock bumping. The hardware is smooth, heavy and sturdy which is perfect for safety measures. The satin-nickel finish adds a contemporary emotion to the lock.

  1. Baldwin Prestige Entry Lever

The selling feature of this lever is its’ beautiful outer body. The fresh design with the unique square rose supplies a transitional style combined with a modern finesse.

  1. Baldwin Bighorn Single Cylinder Handle Set with Carnaby Knob

Baldwin Big HornThis family of handles is a prime example of solidity. It is made of a Venetian bronze, hand rubbed finish which exemplifies the bronze highlights. This creates a warm and royal feeling to the products design. You may unlock/lock the single cylinder deadbolt from either side of the door. Additionally, you can push a button on the inner side to unlock it.

  1. PD005 Large Santa Monica Pocket Door Lock

This is my favorite. The Santa Monica allows you to have your own secret compartment within your home. The door lock is not very customizable as it is only compatible with pocket doors. However, it is still great to have a prestige finish door lock that complements your pocket door. The design is sleek and elegant. You can unlock the door by pulling on a partially hidden compartment and lock the door by pushing this compartment back into the door.

In conclusion, Baldwin door locks are heavy on the pocket but you are guaranteed a superior quality, safety optimized, beautifully blended door lock. Their range of locks are endless thus there is a lock suitable for every need, every person and every situation. Their locks are unique and easily identifiable. The main feature that attracts me is that their locks are made up of a quality metal that is heavy and long lasting.


The Process Of Rekeying A Car Door Lock

If you are a car owner then you know how important it is to ensure the security of your vehicle. If your car is not secure then you might have to lose your valuable properties. Therefore, you would have to ensure that the locks of your car properly protect your car so that the thieves cannot lay their hands on your vehicle. If you are confident that the locks of your car are alright and do not need to be changed then you should consider rekeying the existing ones. You must know the process of rekeying a car door lock.

If you are considering changing the keys of your car door lock then you must call a professional. It is always a good idea to let a professional deal with the rekeying process instead of trying your hands using Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques. The professional locksmith has the proper tools and has sufficient knowledge and experience which will make the job easier. However, if you want to try your hands at rekeying the lock of the door of your car then continue reading. The following is the process of rekeying a car door lock, thanks to the guys over at East Valley Lock and Key:

Step 1: Remove the door lock and tumbler of the car

You should start by removing the lock of car’s door and then take out the tumbler mechanism present inside. When you take out the tumbler, you would notice that the tumblers are set in a certain pattern that was fit for the previous key. Since you are considering rekeying the lock, you would have to readjust the tumbler so that a new key can be made for it. The old keys will no longer work once you change the pattern of the tumbler.

Step 2: Mark the blank key for cutting

When you have successfully removed the door lock and readjusted the tumbler then you should take a blank key and insert it in the tumbler mechanism for marking purpose. When the blank key has been inserted, you should mark the positions of each tumbler with a pen or marker on the key blade. The portions that you mark would have to be cut to make the new key.

Step 3: Cut the marked blank key

Cutting a keyWhen the blank key has been marked then you should create grooves of the key using a dremel tool with a cut off wheel. You can also use a jeweler’s file if you do not have the dremel tool. While you are cutting the key, or filing it, then you should check a few times whether the key is fitting or not. You must ensure that you do not cut the key below the marked lines. You must note that it is imperative to be patient while cutting the key because impatience might ruin your efforts.

Step 4: Test the new key

Test New KeyWhen you have completed cutting the new key, it is time to finally test the new key. The tumblers should be in perfectly flushed position with the outside plug of the tumblers. When the work is complete on your part then you should put the lock mechanism back in the door. If you have been successful in rekeying the car door lock then the new key would work perfectly. If you notice that the key is not working due to any reason then you would have to do the hard work again. You would have the repeat the process of rekeying a car door lock – remove the door lock and tumbler of the car, mark the blank key for cutting, cut the marked blank key and test the new key.

Step 5: Complete the job

If the new key is working perfectly without any problems then you have achieved success. However, your job has not been finished yet. You would have to adjust the tumblers of the other door locks also so that the same key works in all the locks of the car. Since you have a single key, you should make duplicates of the key so that you do not land in trouble if the original one is lost. You can effortlessly open the new locks of your car with the new key that you have made with all the hard work.

What To Look For In A Lock For Your Home

home lockIn case you are wondering about what to look for in a lock for your home, it is worth keeping in mind that an excellent way to start the selection of a door lock is to look at it keenly from the thief’s perspective. Most burglars prefer breaking into a house via the door due to the fact that it is easy and quick. But, according to various studies, it has been proven that an excellent quality door lock is a deterrent. There are various features to look for in a lock for a home. First of all, you should consider installing a door lock with a deadbolt kind of bolt. Basically, each and every door lock comes with a bolt which extends from the door lock into the strike that is mounted on the frame of a door. The type of bold utilized has a significant effect on the strength of the lock.


Classifications of Locks

ANSIIt is also important to look for a door lock that comes with the American National Standard Institute Grade one classification. Generally, ANSI has standards that are developed and fully maintained by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association which measures the door locks’ durability, performance and security. The ANSI standards uses various tests and classify the locks of a door with a grade which could be one, two or three, with grade one being the best to go for. However, the ANSI standards have some confusing details that one must be fully aware about when looking for the grade one door lock. For instance, it is important to know that not all grade one door locks are equal. You should also be aware that mortise locks receive both a security grade and an operational grade from the American National standard Institute. In case you select a mortise kind of door lock, ensure that the grade one applies all the security aspects of the door lock.

Key Control

When purchasing door locks for your home, you should always consider choosing those that offer key control. Basically, key control is all about being in control of whoever any copies of keys to your house or home. Most door keys can be easily copied at a local retail store or hardware. But currently most manufactures provide door locks utilizing key locks which can only be copied by manufactures themselves or certain experienced locksmiths. There are various scenarios which can be avoided by having key control. These include but not limited to: mechanics trying to make copies of key to your house while working on your motorcar, and in house help quitting job while having made their own copy of the key to your home without your knowledge.


The use of door locks with key control prevents anyone from copying your home’s keys unless he or she is allowed to do so by yourself. Extra effort may be required by the homeowners to acquire key control. For instance, you may have to travel some miles a way to get the right locksmith to make the key for you. In addition to that, you should look for other features such as the security strike plate, which comes with all door locks. In most cases, the security strike plates are cosmetic hence their intention is not to offer much security. However, there is the availability of the high security strike plates, which sometimes comes with a metal that is heavy gauge and reinforces plate which mounts underneath the cosmetic strike plate and come with three inch long screw, which ensures that the strike is secured to the wall framing, and not just to the jamb of the door frame.


DeadbolttYou should also look for a door lock with one inch minimum on deadbolt. Deadbolt’s throw refers to the length extended by the deadbolt out of the edge of the door. Majority of the deadbolt have bolts with one inch throws. A longer throw is not recommended due to the fact that it makes gaining entry hard by spreading the frame of the door. Furthermore, it is important to consider looking for saw resistant bolt in door locks for a home. There are some deadbolts which come with the internal anti saw pins. These pins spins freely within the bolt, and in case anyone make attempts of breaking in by sawing off the deadbolt, it will be hard due to the fact that the pin spins forth and back with every saw blade’s movement.

What Is Proper Pricing For Rekey Services?

So, you want to hire a local locksmith to visit your home and rekey the locks. But, how much is this going to cost you? What should you pay for such services? Although this is a question which is loosely based on location, experience, and the size of the company you hire, there is a base fee which most locksmiths are going to charge, which is typically standard for rekeying services, regardless of where you live. So, what is this cost and who should you hire for rekeying services? Thanks to for the information.

Service call –

service callRegardless of where you live, the type of service, or the locksmith you choose to hire, major locksmith companies and small independent locksmiths are typically going to charge you a service call fee. In most cases, the rate for the service call will fluctuate between $40-$100. This fee will cover the cost of sending a locksmith to your home, having them assess the work to be performed, and a base rate for their services. If a locksmith does not charge a service fee, and simply gives you an arbitrary rate over the phone, this is something to be weary of. In most cases, this is a “bait and switch” technique. The companies which do this will tell you one thing over the phone, then when they arrive, will charge you some crazy, excessive rate when they arrive. Instead, it is far better to pay the service call fee, rather than get stuck with some absurd figure a locksmith throws at you when they arrive at your home.

Lock cylinder rate –

lock cylinderIn addition to the service call fee, locksmiths will charge anywhere from $5-$35 per lock cylinder you want them to rekey. So, whether it is one door, or several doors you need rekeyed, this rate is typically the standard for most companies, both large locksmith companies and small independent companies. What determines this rate? Of course each company has a base figure in mind, so this will be one figure taken into account. In addition to this, the cost of materials, the rates they pay their locksmiths, the amount of time it takes to rekey each lock, and other variables are also taken into consideration. So, when you call a local company, make sure to ask what their rate is per cylinder lock, in addition to the service rate. If companies are weary to provide this information, or do not give you a straightforward response, look elsewhere and contact another company for a quote.

Additional factors –

There is no way each locksmith you call for a quote is going to charge you a flat $50 service call and $10 per cylinder. The rates will vary with each company, and is based on local averages which other locksmiths in the area charge for these fees. In addition to the rate for the service call and each lock cylinder, additional variables which go into the rates a locksmith charges include:
– Location where services are rendered. In LA you will pay far more than you will in a small rural city in Michigan.
– Their reputation, competitor rates, and cost of parts used in services.
– The type of lock being rekeyed. Older locks might require more work, and higher priced parts, this will increase the rates.
– Whether it is a residential job or commercial job.
– Whether it is a big company or a small, private, independent locksmith you hire.
These are a few of the factors which are taken into account, and are added into the base rate you will pay for the service call and per lock cylinder being rekeyed. So, make sure you inquire about each of these rates, and any other fees or costs you will incur, when choosing a local locksmith for service.

If a price is so low it seems suspicious, or so high that it is well above any other company you called, then it is in your best interest to keep calling around for quotes. Additionally, if a company employs in “bait and switch” techniques, and tells you there is no fee for service calls, think twice about hiring them. Although prices will fluctuate, these are basic rates most locksmiths will charge for rekeying, and should be considered when you are deciding on a local company to hire for these services to be completed in your home or commercial business.

Learn All About Schlage Locks- before installing it into your home

Security is considered as the top priority for every homeowner who is looking for the best locks for their home followed by cost, finish and style. Hence it is very important that you select locks based on its use whether you want it for interiors or exterior. The locks that are used in the exterior are completely different from those used inside your home as it can different locking mechanisms for extra safety and protection. It is very important that you select the best locks for your home as it is a subtle way of upgrading your home. With the right selection of the locking system, you can make your life easier and simpler along with adding security features into your home.


Schlage electronicIf you are looking for the best locks for your home, you will need to learn all about Schlage locks so that you can get access into your home even without the keys. Schlage locks are a trusted symbol for safety and security in homes and businesses. These new keypad locks and deadlocks combines high quality metal works along with latest digital technology for providing maximum security. Both the deadbolt and keypad lock types can be used in home as these locks are available in different styles, shapes and designs. The different finishes of these locks include satin nickel, aged bronze and bright brass finishes which are equipped with new keypad system. These locks offer a large number of innovations and advantages which is the reason for the popularity of Schlage locks among locksmiths, builders and security specialists. The tubular designs of these locks make it impossible to pick and the abnormal bittings and shape of these key are completely different from the other brands. These locks come with forged brass construction that makes it resistant to any kind of tampering or kick-ins. These electronic locks are appropriate for commercial and residential applications which allows for multiple user codes, keyless entry and auto locking after door recloses. The electronic locks are preprogrammed with random codes for ensuring that no two locks have the same code which adds another layer of security to your home. All the Schlage locks are rigorously tested for meeting the ANSI standards and these locks are long lasting as it can also be easily repaired and re-keyed by the locksmith. The three year warranty of commercial locks and limited lifetime warranty on the residential locks can provide you with complete peace of mind in case the locks malfunction. The one piece sold design of these locks makes it resistant to attacks with crow bars and hammers and it also prevents the key cylinder from getting knocked out with a chisel or screwdriver. Apart from the security features you should also learn all about Schlage locks as these locks have been innovated for making it the industry leader in door security. It enables you to have remote access to the doors as well as control via the web which provides added benefits to the homeowners.


Schlage electronic1The Schlage locks have taken security to the next level as it combines the best of both function and styles into one lock as you will not have to worry about leaving your home unlocked or forgetting the keys because the automatic locking features of these locks helps in locking the locks automatically. These locks are the best option for your exterior doors as it comes with commercial grade clutching motor drive which has been tested for surviving million cycles. The stylish external levers and tampering resistance knob is available in a large variety of designs and styles so that you can select the one according to your taste and preference. You can programme the lock of your doors with a six digit programmer’s key for controlling unrestricted entry into your home. Even if someone tries to break into your home by inputting the wrong codes, the lock will alert you with a warning sounds and its keypad will be disable automatically after few seconds. Schlage locks are the very simple system that can be installed easily into your home as this cutting edge security system is the best way of adding safety, protection and security into your home and property.

Different Types of Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt lock, also referred to as a deadlock or deadlock, refers to a locking mechanism that is distinct from a spring bolt lock in the sense that it cannot be moved to the open position except by rotating the lock cylinder with a key. Unlike the common spring bolt lock, a deadbolt lock does not allow for retraction of the lock, therefore making a door more resistant to entry without using the correct key. It is therefore often used to complement a spring-bolt lock on an entry to a building.
There are different types of deadbolt locks, and most of them are determined by the strength or the material used in making the door knob on which most of them are fixed. Some of these locks are discussed below, thanks to some useful information provided by

A Single Cylinder Deadlock

This is the most common type of deadbolt locks. This lock is mounted inside a door and has a twist knob in the interior and key cylinder on the exterior of the door’s face. This therefore means that this lock can only accept a key on one side of the lock, but is operated by a twist knob on the other side.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

double cylinder deadboltThese types of deadbolt locks are also mounted internally. What distinguishes the double cylinder deadbolt from the single cylinder deadbolt, however, is that this deadbolt has no twist knob but both sides have a key cylinder instead. The double cylinder deadbolt therefore requires a key to open the door whether you are inside or outside the house.
The advantage of the deadbolt lock is that it does not provide room for any intruder opening the door from outside using some of the conventional means such as breaking a glass in or near the door frame and simply reaching for the twist knob. Even after a successful breakage of the glass, the intruder would still require a key to open the lock.
This deadbolt lock, however, has a striking disadvantage. It is infamously known to hamper exit efforts in the event of an emergency such as fire, as it may not be easy to hand pick the correct key to the lock. Due to this tendency to violate safety regulations, usage of the deadbolt lock has been strongly discouraged.

Keyless Deadbolt

The keyless deadbolt lock is also mounted on the inside of the door, but has a keypad instead of a key hole where one can type in a secret pin code to unlock the door.
The advantage of using this keyless lock is that you completely do away with the need of a key, and there is therefore no chance of losing or misplacing the key. Another positive feature of this lock is that it is easier to change the pin code in case you feel someone has learned of it, as opposed to the key system where you would have to go through the rigor of finding a locksmith to do the same.
The obvious disadvantage of this lock system is that if it uses electric power, then its effectiveness will be ultimately dictated by power availability. This would therefore mean a power outage may lock you in or out of your residence.

Digital Deadbolt

Electronic deadboltThe digital deadbolt is a variation of the key less deadbolt that operates by means of batteries or electric current.

Rim Deadbolt

This is a type of lock that’s bolted to the inside face of the door.
The major advantage of this lock is that it locks automatically behind you each time the door is closed, thereby saving you the trouble of always having to remember to lock the door.

Vertical Deadbolt

The vertical deadbolt is also bolted to the inside face of the door. As opposed to some horizontal deadbolts, this lock is placed on top of the door, thereby making it difficult for an intruder to pry it open by placing a bar between the door and the frame.

Mortise Deadbolt

Mortise deadboltThe mortise deadbolt is the last type of deadbolt lock. It is merely an older style key lock that’s installed in a mortise or recess pocket that’s cut in the edge of the door so that it is tamper-proof. This lock is usually strong, even though the act of boring a large hole into its frame may weaken the structure of the door itself.

Deadbolt locks come in different types, but what is striking is that each type has one unique feature that makes it the most preferred in a given situation.