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Why it is a Good Idea to Have Your Locks Rekeyed

A surprising number of homeowners don’t know when or why they need to have their home or business locks rekeyed.In some states, if you have a rental home you are legally required to rekey the lock before new tenants can live in the apartment or rental home.

So what is rekeying a lock? It involves changing the tumblers of a lock’s cylinder so that the old key won’t work on the door. Some people try to do this themselves when they should use a local locksmith. Not only are they likely to break the lock but they can face the challenge of pieces flying everywhere.

When do you need to consider whether to rekey a lock? There are some situations where it is crucial to ensure your locks are rekeyed. If you have just moved into a home, you’ll feel in a more secure situation with a rekeyed door. You may not know how many of the old keys are out there so rekeying is the safest and most secure option after buying a new home. Even if the home were built by a construction company, there could be special keys which the building crew used and which will still open the residential door. Why take a chance?
But be sure you go with a professional locksmith. There are a number of reasons to consider when rekeying a lock. If you have ever had any keys made for you especially for your house but you can’t account for the, rekeying them could be a wise move, especially when you compare buying a new lock.
These professionals can help you out of numerous jams and can, in general, make your life a little easier as you navigate down your path. A good lock industry professional can do more than get you into your car or home if you are locked out. A good lock industry professional can also help you simplify your world by making sure that all your locks are working properly and that you have only the keys you need to open the locks in your life and on your property.

lock repairRekeying locks are one of the most common jobs that a lock industry profession provides to people on a regular basis. Rekeying locks become necessary when you are moving to a new place if someone moves out of your current place and if you lose your keys. Rekeying a deadlock is about the same as changing a deadlock.

There are different types of locks that a lock industry professional may recommend to you depending on your budget and the situation you’re in when it comes time to rekey your locks. Lock prices can run the gamut from very inexpensive to very expensive. Your locksmith can greatly help you choose the best lock for your needs, and they may have some strong recommendations. Often the more expensive locks are recommended by lock industry professionals if you are in a situation where you have to change locks more often.

corbinThe more expensive locks have a removable core. This means that rather than remove the exclusive lock when you need to change locks or if you need to rekey the lock, the lock industry professional that you have hired can just change out the heart of the locking mechanism and even replace it with a new one. This means they don’t have to remove the whole piece including the handle and replace it with an entirely new fixture. This option is more expensive up front but is helpful down the road both regarding convenience and cost when it comes time to change the locks again.
When you lock industry professional comes to change your locks or rekey your locks, it is a good time to make sure that all your locks are working together with one key. The accountability of this is often not understood until you’ve had it done. Many people carry more keys than they need to, so if you are already working with someone to change your locks you should ask them to go to the next step and make sure that one key can operate all your necessary locks.

Working with a trusted and respected lock industry professional will allow you to ask some questions and get some great answers that will help make your life just a little more convenient.

Reasons Why A Car Key Is Better Than An Electronic Key

Cars are expensive; therefore, you should protect them from theft. The cool thing is that cars come with different types of locks that provide the necessary protection. Car keys come in different types, but are divided into two main types. The old styles are the traditional metal keys that old car are installed with. The new car models have ones that are equipped with a chip which sends out a code to the car’s computer to start it. The latest models are the ones that are called electronic car keys or fobs and control the car’s ignition and doors.

Other than being very convenient, car keys make your car difficult to steal. This is because thieves can’t hack and start a car that has car key features unlike the electronic keys. Car keys are made out of brass – or so they should be – so they don’t wear your ignition and locks out. If given a steal key, motorists should be aware that both your ignition, locks and key will all wear out faster. Ignitions and locks are also made from steal and the constant friction and rubbing of them with the key will wear them both out leaving the motorists with a three-way replacement which is costly and terribly inconvenient. A brass key should always be sought to avoid this predicament.

A major misconception by motorist and new car owners is that the key starts the car. This is a fallacy as it is actually the chip located in the plastic casing of keys that starts modern cars. This chip is coded specifically to its matched car and without this precise coding, cars will not start, stop working and even stop working mid way through a trip. This can leave motorists thinking that something is wrong with their car rather than their key and can lead to unnecessary mechanical adjustments, replacements and bills.

Car Alarm SystemWhile car alarm systems are usually handled by auto mechanics or dedicated auto alarm experts, most other services relating to auto security are handled by experienced auto locksmith technicians. Today’s market offers a wide range of car keys and lock systems yet most car keys are still manufactured using one of two production methods using either a production process wrench or a laser key cutting technique.

Mechanical cut car keys are considered the more traditional type and employ a unique cutting pattern on the edge of each key blade. This unique cut allows the key to fit into a car’s ignition switch in one direction only and creating or duplicating these type of keys is done in a similar technique to the one being used when cutting or duplicating a residential type home key. The process involves using a mechanical key cutting machine that is employed by certified locksmiths either inside their locksmith shop or on their mobile locksmith service vehicles. This key cutting method is cheaper than producing a laser cut key, yet most new car models employ a laser cut technique that offers higher security and are much harder to duplicate. That being said mechanical cut keys are still popular with some of today’s popular car makers including Ford, Chevy and General Motors.

car ignitionAs mentioned above, laser cut keys offer a more secured option. They can be clearly identified by their square edges and by having identical cuts on both sides of each key blade. Laser cut keys fit inside the car’s ignition switch on both sides and can be used to start a vehicle either way. Duplicating laser cut keys or creating them from scratch is a far more complicated technique and require a special laser key cutting machine. Furthermore producing these type of keys usually require additional programming via additional software that allow the locksmith to program unique electronic codes into the key as they communicate with the vehicle each time the customer attempts to open their car. Some car makers require locksmiths to contact them directly in order to obtain unique codes and additional information that is required to be programmed into the key in order for it to work properly.

Because of the complexity of laser cut key creation it is highly recommended that whenever a customer orders a new key for their vehicle, they make sure that they key actually works and opens up their vehicle to ensure that all of the steps involved in the key creation have been performed successfully and that the key actually works.

One notion that many people don’t realize is that only specialised car locksmiths have the card and chip reader and know how to use it. There are also only a minority of these specialised or trade qualified locksmiths available in most areas. By seeking these specialised businesses, you ensure the job is done right and the key works as it should for many years. If a key is made by a non trade qualified business, often they won’t work or they will work for a while and then stop. Without trade qualifications and the right card and chip reader and the knowledge of how to use it properly, keys are very often only half programmed. This in time will cause the driver more hassle and quite likely leave them very angry.


Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

“Does your car key have a twin?” have you ever thought about this question? If you haven’t then you need to seriously consider it. Can you imagine someone else out there having a car key similar to yours? The stranger who may live a few blocks or miles away can easily access your car without fidgeting or struggling. But like most people, you possibly think that the chances of this happening are quite slim. Yes, it is true that the odds are low but many owners get shocked to discover that another key can easily open their car. Sadly, many came to know about this when it was too late. The unscrupulous individual will have gotten away with valuables if not the car. The following is some useful information brought to you by our friends down at avondalelocksmith.org.

How Does It Happen?

hondaA known fact is that most of us will walk away from our cars after ensuring it is properly locked. We feel confident that no one else can access to the car since we are the only ones in possession of the car key. And no one in his/her right mind would attempt to break into the vehicle in broad day light, right? But, did you know the key combinations used by car manufacturers are limited. Statistics indicate that top brands such as Honda, Toyota or Ford usually have a maximum of about 3500 combinations. This means that at some point they will have to reuse the earlier combinations. This is how car key “twins” are born.

What Are The Risks of the Car Key Having a Twin?

The thought of a twin to your car existing is worrying enough. Can you imagine walking to the parking lot only to discover an empty space? Or another person gaining access to your vehicle and stealing your valuables. You may be lucky to discover the twin in a friendlier manner. Take the case of the mum in Johnson County who recently discovered that her Honda Accord shared the same key with the family’s Honda Odyssey. This is after her 16-year old son mistakenly took the wrong key and was still able to unlock the door and also start the car. Strangely enough, the two cars had been sourced from two different outlets and one car was manufactured two years earlier than the other. What if the discovery had been made by a stranger or a crooked individual?

Car Key Twin Not a New Incident

identical keysAccording to car dealers and locksmiths, cars having identical keys aren’t a new phenomenon. But, many people usually discover this the hard way after the car or items are stolen. The possibility of twins is also evident in electronic keys which use radio frequencies to open or close the doors. Car thieves already know this and are breaking into cars such as Toyota Prius by simply using a radio relay system that amplifies the radio signal right from the car owner’s home. It is not only cars that are affected but homes as well. Thieves usually walk around with a bunch of keys hoping to find a match. You like other people are a likely victim.

What Can You Do About It?

To minimize the odds of the key having a twin many people turn to rekeying. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right solution. Rekeying only offers you another key that has been made using similar tumblers, combinations or cut depths. There is a possibility of another individual owning a twin key. The best solution is to go for a higher grade of lock; for instance, installing dead bolts. This type of locks and keys are made from unique combinations far different from what is used by car manufacturers. The chances of a similar key from the same manufacturer are usually very low-almost nil. It is however important to shop around and look for popular and reputable brands so as to be assured of top notch security.

Although the odds of someone else having a twin to your car key are slim, it pays to be extra vigilant. Maybe you think smashing a window is much faster than trying to unlock the door with a set of keys. But, the truth is that car keys with twins do exist. By installing a new better grade lock, searches on “does your car key have a twin?” and related questions will become a thing of the past.