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The Perks Of Hiring A Car Locksmith

It is inevitable for car owners to incur expenses from locksmith services from time to time. Even with the best handling and top care, cars are likely to experience key and lock breakdowns. Finding a car locksmith is not a difficult task since they are many in the market and so one should not feel overwhelmed by the task of locating one. However, one should understand that not all locksmiths are capable of delivering unique services. Therefore, it is crucial for one to review a particular offer before spending lots of money on shoddy services. Due to this, it is recommendable to hire professional car locksmiths to avoid services which are cheap and of low quality. Herein are the perks of hiring a car locksmith, thanks to the guys at tigardlocksmith.org.

Professional Experienced Services

This is one of the main advantageous of finding a car locksmith. With experts one is in a position to land to skilled technicians who are well versed with knowledge on this field and best suited to take good care of all the requirements. Considering other options, one might end up landing on unskilled car locksmiths thus leading to poor quality services. Hiring experts assure one of bidding is or her money to high quality services as well as to ultimate experience.

Service Guarantee and Accountability

Professional locksmiths are always accountable for all the services they offer unlike those who are unskilled. One should go for credible licensed experts to ensure they are guaranteed high quality services. Most professional locksmiths become successful depending on referrals and reputation from customers who are satisfied with their services. This therefore works as their driving force by providing quality services to their clients thus satisfying their needs. They strive to offer the best even if it comes to a point of redoing a particular piece of work. They get their pay after finishing up the work and meeting the requirements of the car owners. One should therefore be careful when choosing the right locksmiths who are accountable for all damages caused during the repair or low quality outcomes.

Right Components and Tools

Locksmith toolsAlthough some lock, problems may seem to be easy to repair and diagnose, without the required equipment and tools it is virtually impossible to tackle the problem at hand. This is another major reason why one should consider hiring experts for repairing their car keys and locks. Professional car locksmiths invest much in buying the right tools and equipment to repair and install the lock systems since this is their major working area of specialization. Probably most experts have all the tools they require in handling all assignments on car locksmith. One’s job is made easier if he or she is using the right equipment and this therefore results to better output.

No Risks Incurred

Professionals in car locksmith ensure that no risks are involved in the work they do. Getting locksmith services from non-professionals exposes one to variety of risks that range from minor injuries to fatal accident since they offer poor quality services, which lead to poor outcomes. In the case where ones car lock is not well fixed, one is exposed to vulnerabilities such as the vehicle being stolen or even items from the car. Hiring an expert gives one surety to top-level service and eliminating all possible risks that might arise from poor installation of the locks. Since they are experienced in this field, probability of negligence and injuries are reduced. On the other hand, non-professionals might tend to forget important things and end up concealing it in the case everything seems to work as expected.


Locksmith InsuranceInsuring ones business is essential and so professional car locksmiths consider this as a requirement so that they cover clients’ vehicles from issues of damage and protecting ones car. When handling ones car and unfortunately something goes wrong, the damage will be covered up.


The above perks of hiring a car locksmith should encourage one to find the best experts to service their cars to avoid losses and damage. One should consider a locksmith who has insight and is able to offer the right advice and recommendations on best locking systems. Furthermore, they should leave one more informed and educated regarding car lock issues.

Is It Cheaper To Rekey A Lock Or Replace It?

money-bagChanging door locks involves the total replacement of the door securing unit which comes with its own set of keys while rekeying a lock involves alteration to the tumblers (inside lock cylinder)to match the new set of key(s). All locks in the house can be rekeyed to use only one key. Motives to change or rekey a lock are many! One thing for sure is that a cost will always come with whatever choice you make. Before the article continues. We want to say thanks to auroralocksmith.org for helping with this article as well. They helped us create more accurate article.


Among the many reasons we may need to change locks or rekey them include:

New House or Apartment

new homeMoving into a new house, condo or apartment is exciting but it can pose several security issues due to the fact that if you are not the first owner, then knowing who else has copies of keys to the locks in your home is a major problem. This means there is a chance a stranger somewhere has easy entry into your property. It is therefore necessary under such circumstances to change your locks or rekey. It is not rocket science figuring out which is cheaper between rekeying and replacing locks although as they say, “cheap is relative and cheap can eventually be expensive”. It is common knowledge to home owners who have had to make this decision irrespective of their reasons that rekeying costs way less than buying new locks for your house doors. Getting a new lock can cost you from $130 to almost $400 depending on the type and quality of lock while rekeying any type of lock will only set you back $90 or less!

Lost Keys

keys in sandEveryone has lost a key at one point in life and this is the most common reason for many lock replacements or rekeying. The fear that someone might find them and use them to gain entry into your house is enough to look for ways to recover your confidence in your home’s security. In cases like this, if all doors have the same type of lock and are in good working condition, then your cheapest option would be to rekey the locks. If different locks are installed on different house doors then considering changing the lock-sets to match then rekeying to your specifications is a more expensive way out. This helps cut costs in future when you have to rekey for whatever reasons.

Special Cases

Some of the special cases that may require you to make any alterations to your locks include (1) a spouse moving out of a shared house or apartment. (2) A fired employee (maid or grounds man) who could poses a copy of the house key(s). (3) Grown up children who have moved out of the house. If you separate from your partner either through a divorce or breakup you might feel the need to have them completely locked out of your house therefore it is cheaper for you to have your locks re-keyed than installing new replacements. The same case applies to kids who have moved out on their own. Sometimes our employees can be fired for different reasons and some may be vengeful due to the circumstances of their dismissal therefore it is advised to rekey your locks since this is more cost effective and still provides the same level of security as would be experienced with a new set of locks.