Why You Need To Rekey Your Locks When Moving

family with moving boxesIf you are moving into a new home , then hiring a locksmith to rekey the locks should be your priority. The previous home owner might have kept a duplicate key to the existing lock and this might compromise the security of the premise. Rekeying a lock actually costs less than completely replacing the lock. When rekeying, the locksmith simply changes the tumblers and pins of the lock’s cylinders to another size that cannot be opened by the existing key. The owner of the property you are about to occupy will always assure you of the security. Take your own initiative to rekey all the locks. We talked with the people over at FindGoodMovers.net to give you great in depth information about lock rekeying when moving.

Benefits of rekeying your locks when moving

Rekeying locks is much cheaper

money bag - cheaperWhile moving you will probably incur numerous costs, especially in terms of transport. Instead of replacing the existing lock with a brand new one, rekeying can save you money. You will still be guaranteed the same level of security but at a more cost effective price. It is good especially if you are moving into a big home with several rooms. Purchasing a new lock for all the rooms will make the total cost of moving very high. Besides being very expensive, changing locks also take some time.

Guarantee complete safety and security of your home

Security is the first thing a tenant considers when he/she moves into a new home. Remember , no landlord will tell you that the locks have been compromised. You cannot just trust anyone, even the landlord himself. This is because more often than not people tend to have a duplicate key to the premise. Take charge and get a trustworthy locksmith to rekey the locks. This will block the previous home owner , his friends, relatives and any other unauthorized persons from accessing your home.

In addition some people even loan keys to care givers and cleaners who come around in their absence. When a house is under construction the home owner might have distributed copies of the key to workers like carpenters , and electricians.Some of these workers might end up using the key maliciously and hence compromise your privacy and security.

Provides you with higher chances of getting claims from insurance firms

hands holding homeMost homes have been insured for burglary or theft.when such an unfortunate thing happens you will expect the insurance company to compensate you. As you know insurance companies would want to ascertain that it was not your neglect that led to the theft. As such they will look around for obvious signs that the house was forcefully entered into. If there are no such signs , you might as well forget about getting any compensation from the firm.

Grants you peace of mind

When you rekey your locks, you will be at peace no matter where you are. Rekeying locks helps eliminate constant worry of someone else accessing your new abode without your authorization. Whether you move into a new home or business premise , you can’t just be sure of who has an extra key to that place.

Three simple ways to re-key your locks

rekey diagram open lockIf you have adequate knowledge on how to rekey locks, just take the locks to a trusted locksmith. A security expert will alter them for you.

Another way is to check the technology of the locks. If it is possible for you to rekey them without the help of a locksmith, then just do it yourself.

Lastly , you can call in a professional locksmith to remove, rekey and then reinstall the locks. As much as this might cost you some money, it is worth it. A locksmith will be able to identify any other malfunctions with your lock and fix them before you eventually settle down.

It is also important to check if your new home has remote garage door openers. While you are rekeying the locks remember to also change the frequency codes of the remote garage door opener. Just ensure that you hire a trustworthy locksmith. Do not rely on the landlord or previous tenant for rekeying. These people might find a way of getting your new key since they know each other. Search for a reputable locksmith who will in no way compromise the security offered by your new locks. Once all is done , avoid giving your key to just anyone, only trust close family members.

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