What Is Proper Pricing For Rekey Services?

So, you want to hire a local locksmith to visit your home and rekey the locks. But, how much is this going to cost you? What should you pay for such services? Although this is a question which is loosely based on location, experience, and the size of the company you hire, there is a base fee which most locksmiths are going to charge, which is typically standard for rekeying services, regardless of where you live. So, what is this cost and who should you hire for rekeying services? Thanks to littletonlocksmith.net for the information.

Service call –

service callRegardless of where you live, the type of service, or the locksmith you choose to hire, major locksmith companies and small independent locksmiths are typically going to charge you a service call fee. In most cases, the rate for the service call will fluctuate between $40-$100. This fee will cover the cost of sending a locksmith to your home, having them assess the work to be performed, and a base rate for their services. If a locksmith does not charge a service fee, and simply gives you an arbitrary rate over the phone, this is something to be weary of. In most cases, this is a “bait and switch” technique. The companies which do this will tell you one thing over the phone, then when they arrive, will charge you some crazy, excessive rate when they arrive. Instead, it is far better to pay the service call fee, rather than get stuck with some absurd figure a locksmith throws at you when they arrive at your home.

Lock cylinder rate –

lock cylinderIn addition to the service call fee, locksmiths will charge anywhere from $5-$35 per lock cylinder you want them to rekey. So, whether it is one door, or several doors you need rekeyed, this rate is typically the standard for most companies, both large locksmith companies and small independent companies. What determines this rate? Of course each company has a base figure in mind, so this will be one figure taken into account. In addition to this, the cost of materials, the rates they pay their locksmiths, the amount of time it takes to rekey each lock, and other variables are also taken into consideration. So, when you call a local company, make sure to ask what their rate is per cylinder lock, in addition to the service rate. If companies are weary to provide this information, or do not give you a straightforward response, look elsewhere and contact another company for a quote.

Additional factors –

There is no way each locksmith you call for a quote is going to charge you a flat $50 service call and $10 per cylinder. The rates will vary with each company, and is based on local averages which other locksmiths in the area charge for these fees. In addition to the rate for the service call and each lock cylinder, additional variables which go into the rates a locksmith charges include:
– Location where services are rendered. In LA you will pay far more than you will in a small rural city in Michigan.
– Their reputation, competitor rates, and cost of parts used in services.
– The type of lock being rekeyed. Older locks might require more work, and higher priced parts, this will increase the rates.
– Whether it is a residential job or commercial job.
– Whether it is a big company or a small, private, independent locksmith you hire.
These are a few of the factors which are taken into account, and are added into the base rate you will pay for the service call and per lock cylinder being rekeyed. So, make sure you inquire about each of these rates, and any other fees or costs you will incur, when choosing a local locksmith for service.

If a price is so low it seems suspicious, or so high that it is well above any other company you called, then it is in your best interest to keep calling around for quotes. Additionally, if a company employs in “bait and switch” techniques, and tells you there is no fee for service calls, think twice about hiring them. Although prices will fluctuate, these are basic rates most locksmiths will charge for rekeying, and should be considered when you are deciding on a local company to hire for these services to be completed in your home or commercial business.

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