Types Of Mailbox Locks

The mailbox appears as a very simple part of a house, but proves to be highly essential and quite critical to protect its contents against theft. How can this be achieved? Through making certain that a high quality lock is in place to keep all your information safe and intact. This eliminates any worries of someone getting a hold of your mail, along with the endless possibilities of inconveniences and damages that can occur. You may have already realized this with the rise of mail and identity theft, and looking into the types of mailbox locks available today or maybe an entirely new mailbox for utmost security. To be able to come up with the right one that will meet your needs, serve its purpose well and give you priceless peace of mind, there are a number of things to consider brought to you by the guys over at RentonLocksmith.net:

1. Type of Mailbox

MailboxThere are basically two types, one of which is the wall-mount secured mailbox which is designed to attach to your house, gate, or garage. This is best in a neighborhood wherein a postal carrier would simply drop mail in a box or drop slot mounted into homes. The curbside locking mailbox, as its name implies, is typically placed on a post near the curb of your home. The opening wherein mail is dropped is not locked, instead, the cavity where the mail drops into is kept secure with a mailbox lock.


2. Type of Mail

mailYou would know best what average mail type you receive. The locking curbside mailbox is ideal for larger mail such as envelopes, packages, and magazines. Otherwise, the wall-mounted type would suffice if you often get smaller types of mail. The quantity you normally get is also a factor to consider to see which can comfortably hold your mail while you are away. Some will hold a week or two worth of mail while some can last longer and take several months before contents reach the brim. Most importantly, the ideal sized locking mailbox maintains high levels of security at all times.

In line with the numerous sizes, styles, designs, materials, and types of mailbox, its lock is the most prominent and beneficial feature. There are a myriad of types of mailbox locks available which are suitable for a mailbox, and it’s best to gain insight from experts in the field. They mostly recommend the five-cam lock which features a five-pin tumbler and removable cams. Aside from being reasonably priced, it has the added points of an easy-clip on style and a dust cover for mounting on exteriors. Pin tumblers and wafer locks arrive with numerous key possibilities and cams to fit your mailbox. Truth is, they can all look very similar until you have them installed and you personally use it. So if you have a faulty lock and need a new lock, keeping the old one would be a good idea and factoring in if it turns clockwise or counterclockwise will be helpful in finding a new one.

Regardless of the type, it is important that it exhibits excellent quality because a flimsy lock will be no good at all for still being vulnerable to theft. And even if you do have a good one in place, it must always be in its top working condition and watch out for any malfunction especially with the older ones. You might encounter this stamp on the face of the mailbox: USPS-L-1172C which indicates that it’s a new style and the lock is built upon a differently sized hole. It may be hard to find a replacement lock for this, but they are made of the highest standards. Hence, it is imperative that you know of professional mailbox lock services who would know exactly what to do. They are familiar with all types of mailbox locks available that would perfectly match and fit your current mailbox. Whether you require emergency services to open your mailbox lock, or it is in need of repairs or replacement, you can rely on their expertise and experience of working with various types of mailbox locks. The job will be done in the fastest and most efficient manner by trustworthy technicians who can ensure you with quality work and sure enough, an effective mailbox lock in place.

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