The Best Arrow Brand Locks for Homes

Privacy and security the two most important things to any human person, No one wants to find random people in their homes or to find that their stuff has been stolen or someone has been going through their things. For this reason, when you buy a new house or rent a new apartment, the first thing a person will usually do is to change the locks or re- key them. It is a way to ensure that they are the only people with the right and access to that house. Without security, it is very unlikely that people will feel at home even in a house they pay rent for.

There are so many key locks brand in the market today that it has become hard to know which ones are the best and which ones one should not buy, In buying a door lock for your home, you should always by a lock that is meant for a home. It would be very unfortunate if you found a good company brand but bought the wrong door locks. Buying a lock that is not meant for the door of your home risks making you look like a freak to all your neighbors. This is something no one wants. The right size lock will complement how your door looks to outsiders while giving you the chance to guarantee safety for your items. The wrong lock could also be easier to break into and it may actually be counter productive in buying it. So what arrow brand locks are actually great for your home?

Split bolt locks

Arrow Door KnobThese types of locks are made such that they lock the doorknob of the door. This prevents the spring loaded latch of the door from being released. Usually the spring fits into the door frame. These are a great type of lock for your how because they are the least expensive keys and can be installed easily. If you are the type of person who loves to do things for yourself, these locks will allow you to put them in place for yourself easily. However, in installing these types of locks one needs to know that they can be opened easily with things that are not the actually key of the lock such as hair pins which in turn allow the door knob to release the bolt locking the door. The door knob can also be smashed in with a wrench or a hammer. Arrow will usually provide you with a protective meal that will work in preventing forceful entry into your home. However, this is not completely possible. In this category of locks, arrow brand offers you arrow grade 1 and grade 2 lever locks and grade 1 and 2 knob locks and arrow mortise locks.

Most spring latch locks are used on many doors so if you are looking to buy these types of locks from arrow brand you should look for the series name above and find a size ha will fit your door and a design that you will love.

Dead bolt locks

Arrow deadboltDeadbolt locks are great at effectively bolting the door on to the frame. They are called dead bold because the know is practically dead and it has to be moved manually in and out of place using a knob or a key. It consists of three parts, the cylinder outside hat is accessible using your key, he know which locks and unlocks the door by sliding in and out of the door jab and the thumb turn that allows you to manually control the bolt from the outside. Most are made of either solid steel, brass or bronze that are strong and do not break easily.

When buying dead bolt locks, you should get ones that are installed vertically instead of horizontally to prevent intruders from spring the door apart from the strike plate or the jamb. A vertical dead bolt works by interlocking with a set of cast metal rings which are fixed to the frame of the door. Dead lock from arrow brand are made such that the rings that surround he bolt make it impossible to pry into the lock. They are best for glass doors and for people who want to use a particular key to open their doors. Dead bolt locks from arrow include: arrow grade 1, D60 series and arrow grade 2 the E60 series.

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