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Why Kwikset Locks Is Such A Great Brand

When shopping around for a lock either for your office or home, the main priority is and should always be identifying the most suitable lock as far as security is concerned. This is always the case because not all security locks are designed equal and this is clearly evident from the fact that different lock brands and models are characteristic of features specifically meant for different situations.

Simply put, getting the most suitable lock for the office or your home is not as easy as simply walking into your nearest store and then grabbing the cheapest or the first lock that you come across. To get the right lock there are several important factors which you need to take into serious consideration. For instance, you need to consider where exactly the lock system will be set up in e.g. at home, business premise, office or any other facility or that may be you are interested in a security lock that will grant you quick and easy access amongst other factors.

To help make your search for the best security lock easier, below Is an overview of kwikset locks which is one of the best security lock brands. Also included are details of what exactly make it such a great brand thanks to our friends at parkerlocksmith.org.

Introduction to the kwikset lock brand

Kwikset logo2Kwikset is a well established manufacturer of locks and locksets. It is owned by spectrum brands hardware and home improvement group (HHI) group, sub division of the renowned spectrum brands. Founded in 1946 by Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe, the name was got from the firm’s first set of locks which back then interestingly pioneered the then revolutionary lock design which then were fast and easy to setup. today, kwikset key blanks are available in most of the locations in which keys are made.

Why Kwikset Locks Is Such A Great Brand

Keyless Entry

kwikset keylessKwikset locks are designed to save you the trouble of having to carry your own keys. This is because the locks will require you to have your own personal unlock code to allow you entry into your home or better yet the office with just a push of a button. Simply put, installing kwikset locks serves as a guarantee for keyless entry, no more losing of keys, locking yourself out and above all being forced to constantly hide your keys e.g. under the mat. As a result of all this, you will have complete control over who has access to your home or the office at all times.

Improved home management

Once installed, the lock can easily be linked to the rest of your already existing security system or home automation controller. This will in turn allow you (the homeowner) to easily arm the security system which includes locking all the doors with the touch of a single button when you leave or lock all doors with a single touch anywhere within your home when going to sleep. In fact, you will even have the opportunity to save money on energy usage since you will be able to even configure your lock and use it to control the thermostat setting in your home which in turn will save you significant amount off your annual energy costs.

Remote Access

kwikset remote accessUpon installing the kwikset lock with the home connect feature, you will be able to use your smart code to either access or lock your home remotely. This means you will never have to worry about ever forgetting to lock or secure your home or the office once you head out. You will also get notifications when someone enters your home, for instance, you will be notified when your loved one arrives home safely at the expected time amongst other things. In addition to the above, you will also be able to monitor all the people going in and out of your property. simply put, the remote access features will give you complete control over you property (home or office).

Other reasons why kwikset locks is such a great brand include the fact that:

Kwikset locks feature optional operational properties through the use of conventional key. the electronic deadbolt for instance features the Weiser keypad plus it also doubles up as a hybrid since it combines the features of the Weiser and Kwikset brand locks hence very secure.

Kwikset locks are also characteristic of the smart key which is an innovative technological inclusion whose design allows for a relatively easy re-keying of the lock thus saving on time and most importantly money. This feature makes it a great security lock brand particularly for properties for rent and business premises or any other premise where there is need to change locks regularly i.e as a result of tenants moving out and new ones moving in for instance. In addition to the above, the locks are also bump proof and pick resistant .

Bottom line

Kwikset locks serve as a guarantee for maximum security at very reasonable prices. the fact that the locks are mostly made of aluminum and steel and characteristic of a brass finish coupled with the aluminum lock cylinders and smart key feature is proof that installing them serves as a guarantee that you will never have to worry about whether you may have locked your doors.


kwikset logoKwikset is a manufacturer of all types of lock and hardware products. It is headquartered in Lake Forest, California, United Sates of America with branches in Victoria, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand respectively. It is a brand leader in the manufacture of locks. Re-keying their locks is also a breeze due to the great product.

We had some help getting all this data from the professionals over at Columbus Locksmith Pros in Columbus Ohio.  These guys really know their stuff.

The following are the Types of Kwikset Locks: Light Commercial, Electronic, Door Knobs, Door Levers, Dead bolts and Handle-sets respectively.

commercial door lock kwiksetLight Commercial door locks are those that are designed for use both in heavy duty residential buildings as well as for light commercial applications such stores, warehouses, pantries and cargo terminals. They come in various finishes such as Life-time Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel,Polished Brass,Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Venetian Bronze. They are certified by the American National Standards Institute and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association besides satisfying UL’s fire- rating standards and ADA safety standards. They are sold under three brand names, i.e. Carson, Kingston and Metal Interconnect respectively.

Electronic locks kwiksetElectronic locks are those operated by touch screens or electronic keypads and also have a back-up key ways. They are activated and opened by entering personalized access codes and are locked by the touch of a button. They are available in five finishes, i.e. Lifetime Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, Fob,Satin-Chrome, Venetian-Bronze and Polished Chrome. They are sold under eleven brand names namely: Powerbolt; 909 SmartCode Deadbolt; 910 Contemporary SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; 910 SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; 911 SmartCode Lever; 912 SmartCode Lever with Home Connect; 913 SmartCode Deadbolt; 914 SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; SmartCode 916 Touch screen Electronic Deadbolt; 909 Contemporary SmartCode Deadbolt and Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock.

door knob kwiksetDoor Knobs are specifically designed for use in ordinary private residential houses with specific designs aimed at enhancing the home’s interior decors. They are available in eleven finishes namely: Life-time Polished Brass, Antique-Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Rustic Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Rustic Pewter and Iron Black. They are sold under nineteen brand names namely: Combo Pack; Tylo-Combo Pack; Tylo; Tylo Knobs; Polo Combo Pack; Polo; Mobile Home Knob; Cove Combo Pack; Cove; Phoenix; Laurel; Juno Combo Pack; Juno; Hancock; Copa Combo Pack; Copa; Circa; Cameron Combo Pack; Cameron and Abbey.

door lever kwiksetDoor Levers are shaped in the form of levers and just like the Door Knobs, are suited for private residential homes and are specifically designed to complement and enhance the interior decor of a home. They are also available in eleven finishes namely: Life-time Polished-Brass, Antique-Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Rustic Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Rustic Pewter and Iron Black. They are available for sale under twenty-one brand names namely: Dorian Combo Pack; Doran; Delta Combo Pack; Delta; Balboa; Milan; Halifax; Vedani; Tustin Combo Pack; Tustin; 911 SmartCode Lever; Pembroke; Lido Combo Pack; 912 SmartCode Lever with Home Connect; Lido; Katara; Avalon; Commonwealth; Austin; Ashfield and Brooklane.

kwikset deadbolt lockDead Bolts are designed to protect homes from break-ins, thefts, burglary, arbitrary trespasses and unauthorized entries. They come in a plethora of styles and security grades. They are available in twelve finishes namely: Life-time Polished-Brass, Antique-Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Rustic Bronze, Venetian-Bronze, Rustic-Pewter; Iron Black and Fob. They are sold in thirty-two brand names, which are: Tylo Combo Pack; Powerbolt; Polo Mobile Home Lock;Combo Pack; Dorian Combo Pack; Delta Combo Pack; Cove Combo Pack; 663/667 Single-sided Deadbolt; 660/665 Deadbolt; 660 Deadbolt Combo Pack; 909 SmartCode Deadbolt; Milan; 910 Contemporary SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; Halifax; Tustin Combo Pack; 910 SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; Lido Combo Pack; Key Control Deadbolt; Juno Combo Pack; 913 SmartCode Deadbolt; Gatelatch; 914 SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect; Copa Combo Pack; Austin; Cameron Combo Pack; SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt; 980/985 Deadbolt; 993/994 Square Deadbolt; 993/994 Round Deadbolt; 780/785 Deadbolt; 909 Contemporary SmartCode Deadbolt and Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Lock.

handle set kwiksetHandle-sets are those that are designed for use in the front door entries since they have both secure deadbolts and stylish handles. They are available in eleven finishes namely: Life-time Polished-Brass, Antique-Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Rustic Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Rustic-Pewter and Iron Black. They are sold under thirteen brand names which are: Dakota, Belleview, Wellington, Tavaris, Shelburne, Montara, Hawthorne, Avalon, Austin, Chelsea, Ashfield, Arlington and Amherst.

All the products come along with warranties that are aimed at retaining customers with a view of long-term loyalty building.

Kwikset is a great company and we also offer Re-Key services for almost all of their products as well.

Kwikset Smartkey Vulnerable to Lock Picking?

Kwikset is an American based company that makes a slew of security products. They are one of the top lock companies in the world and make a lot of great products. As with every company, they do have some products that are lackluster in their quality. I have seen many complaints from users of the Smartkey Kwikset locks (mainly locksmiths) that have problems with the security level of the key.

The locks where designed to make the process of re-keying your own locks a cinche, and the lock is designed to be able to be rekeyed by any user quickly and effectively. Here is the page on their website: http://www.kwikset.com/SmartSecurity/Re-Key-Technology/Re-Key-Technology-Smart-Challenge.aspx

Something to think about if you are thinking about installing these locks on your home exterior locks!

Here is another article on Wired.com that goes into more detail about the problems with the locks: http://www.wired.com/2013/08/kwikset-smarkey-lock-vulns/

Watch as Mr Locksmith unlocks this lock in under 10 seconds.

Here is an instructional video about rekeying the Smartkey lock

Thanks for reading: If you need help from a professional locksmith to re-key your home door locks in Bellevue WA, we recommend this site: www.bellevuelocksmiths.net

How to Rekey a Kwikset Door Lock

Here is a great video from Kwikset about how to re-key their brand of door locks, it is very detailed and should provide a good start for you if you want to re-key your home door locks.
Things you will need to follow along:

  • Kwikset Door Locks
  • Kwikset rekeying kit

How did it go for you? Let us know in the comments!