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What To Look For In A Lock For Your Home

home lockIn case you are wondering about what to look for in a lock for your home, it is worth keeping in mind that an excellent way to start the selection of a door lock is to look at it keenly from the thief’s perspective. Most burglars prefer breaking into a house via the door due to the fact that it is easy and quick. But, according to various studies, it has been proven that an excellent quality door lock is a deterrent. There are various features to look for in a lock for a home. First of all, you should consider installing a door lock with a deadbolt kind of bolt. Basically, each and every door lock comes with a bolt which extends from the door lock into the strike that is mounted on the frame of a door. The type of bold utilized has a significant effect on the strength of the lock.


Classifications of Locks

ANSIIt is also important to look for a door lock that comes with the American National Standard Institute Grade one classification. Generally, ANSI has standards that are developed and fully maintained by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association which measures the door locks’ durability, performance and security. The ANSI standards uses various tests and classify the locks of a door with a grade which could be one, two or three, with grade one being the best to go for. However, the ANSI standards have some confusing details that one must be fully aware about when looking for the grade one door lock. For instance, it is important to know that not all grade one door locks are equal. You should also be aware that mortise locks receive both a security grade and an operational grade from the American National standard Institute. In case you select a mortise kind of door lock, ensure that the grade one applies all the security aspects of the door lock.

Key Control

When purchasing door locks for your home, you should always consider choosing those that offer key control. Basically, key control is all about being in control of whoever any copies of keys to your house or home. Most door keys can be easily copied at a local retail store or hardware. But currently most manufactures provide door locks utilizing key locks which can only be copied by manufactures themselves or certain experienced locksmiths. There are various scenarios which can be avoided by having key control. These include but not limited to: mechanics trying to make copies of key to your house while working on your motorcar, and in house help quitting job while having made their own copy of the key to your home without your knowledge.


The use of door locks with key control prevents anyone from copying your home’s keys unless he or she is allowed to do so by yourself. Extra effort may be required by the homeowners to acquire key control. For instance, you may have to travel some miles a way to get the right locksmith to make the key for you. In addition to that, you should look for other features such as the security strike plate, which comes with all door locks. In most cases, the security strike plates are cosmetic hence their intention is not to offer much security. However, there is the availability of the high security strike plates, which sometimes comes with a metal that is heavy gauge and reinforces plate which mounts underneath the cosmetic strike plate and come with three inch long screw, which ensures that the strike is secured to the wall framing, and not just to the jamb of the door frame.


DeadbolttYou should also look for a door lock with one inch minimum on deadbolt. Deadbolt’s throw refers to the length extended by the deadbolt out of the edge of the door. Majority of the deadbolt have bolts with one inch throws. A longer throw is not recommended due to the fact that it makes gaining entry hard by spreading the frame of the door. Furthermore, it is important to consider looking for saw resistant bolt in door locks for a home. There are some deadbolts which come with the internal anti saw pins. These pins spins freely within the bolt, and in case anyone make attempts of breaking in by sawing off the deadbolt, it will be hard due to the fact that the pin spins forth and back with every saw blade’s movement.