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The Most High Security Locks On The Planet

We all have things that we value in life. We will go to great lengths to protect them from thieves and intruders. One of the ways through which we can achieve this is by locking them away in a secure chamber. The locks in this room must offer the highest level of security achievable so that they can effectively protect your beloved valuables. Regular locks can be picked and broken into. High security locks do not have weaknesses that thieves can exploit. Thus, they are used to protect the most valuable assets in the world for example the Crown Jewels and the contents of the White House. Read on to learn about the most high security locks on the planet brought to you by the guys over at BurbankLocksmith.org

Assa Compact 3000

This is a very high security lock that is manufactured by Assa Lock Inc. Well known in Europe, this company produces security locks that are of very high quality. The U.S. has also began adopting Assa high security locks. One of the most popular ones is the Assa Compact 3000. This is a heavy duty lock that is designed according to the dimensions used in the United Kingdom. These locks can handle many different sizes of lever furniture. If you are searching for a high security lock, the Assa Compact 3000 will give you the security you desire.

Corbin-Russwin Pyramid lock

corbinThis is a high security lock that can be applied in various situations. Manufactured by Cobin Russwin, this lock makes use of a patented Pyramid nechanism. This mechanism has specially made pin tumbler characteristics. It also has a spring loaded pin to control the lock. The tumbler in this high security lock has seven pins. They are made of hardened stainless steel. In addition to that, the grooves in this lock are resistant to picking. To add to its secure nature, the spring-loaded control pin only allows the key to turn in the lock only if its the correct key. The Pyramid system is made of nickel silver. As such, it will last for decades and perform with 100% efficiency. If you seek a high security lock, the Corbin-Russwin lock is ideal for you.

The Schlage Primus

Schlage is a lock manufacturer that is admired by many across the globe. They make various types of commercial and domestic locks. They have a high secuirty lock known as the Everest Primus lock. This lock makes use of a tumbler locking system as well as sidebar pins. This combination makes this lock unpickable. It cannot be bumped open by lockpicks. This locking system is so unique that the Primus lock key can be used to open regualr Schlage locks. As such, they can be used to open numerous standard locks as well as specialized Primus high security locks.

The Medeco Maxum double cylinder

MedecoPopularly known in the U.S.A., Medeco is a manufacturer of high security locks. They have a huge variety of locks to choose from. One of the most capable high security ones on offer from this manufacturer is the M3 Medeco Maxum double cylinder lock. Built for residential use, this is a lock that has 2 cylinders. This means that one needs two keys to open the lock. This eliminates the possibility of a lockpick using one fake key to open it. This lock has provided many homeowners across the U.S. with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safely guarded by this high security lock.

High security locks have some special features that they all share. These set them apart from regular locks. Here are a number of these characteristics.

Restrictive keyways

There are some special features that all high security locks share. One of these is complicated pathways. The manufacturers of these locks need to make the lock as complicated as possible. So they use paracentric keyways in the locking mechanism. As a result, lockpicks get frustrated when they insert tools to open the locks. This is an effective deterrent to their activities.

Patent protected key bows and patterns

The manufacturers of these keys utilize legal means to control the duplication and cutting of high security keys. They patent the bows and patterns on their keys. This effectively prevents illegal manufacturing of these keys. Moreover, if you want to duplicate the key to a high security lock, you must produce a security card to do this. Moreover, the keys of high security locks require special cutting machines that may only be found at the manufacturer’s plant. Thus, high security locks are a formidable defense against thieves and vandals.