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The Perks Of Hiring A Car Locksmith

It is inevitable for car owners to incur expenses from locksmith services from time to time. Even with the best handling and top care, cars are likely to experience key and lock breakdowns. Finding a car locksmith is not a difficult task since they are many in the market and so one should not feel overwhelmed by the task of locating one. However, one should understand that not all locksmiths are capable of delivering unique services. Therefore, it is crucial for one to review a particular offer before spending lots of money on shoddy services. Due to this, it is recommendable to hire professional car locksmiths to avoid services which are cheap and of low quality. Herein are the perks of hiring a car locksmith, thanks to the guys at

Professional Experienced Services

This is one of the main advantageous of finding a car locksmith. With experts one is in a position to land to skilled technicians who are well versed with knowledge on this field and best suited to take good care of all the requirements. Considering other options, one might end up landing on unskilled car locksmiths thus leading to poor quality services. Hiring experts assure one of bidding is or her money to high quality services as well as to ultimate experience.

Service Guarantee and Accountability

Professional locksmiths are always accountable for all the services they offer unlike those who are unskilled. One should go for credible licensed experts to ensure they are guaranteed high quality services. Most professional locksmiths become successful depending on referrals and reputation from customers who are satisfied with their services. This therefore works as their driving force by providing quality services to their clients thus satisfying their needs. They strive to offer the best even if it comes to a point of redoing a particular piece of work. They get their pay after finishing up the work and meeting the requirements of the car owners. One should therefore be careful when choosing the right locksmiths who are accountable for all damages caused during the repair or low quality outcomes.

Right Components and Tools

Locksmith toolsAlthough some lock, problems may seem to be easy to repair and diagnose, without the required equipment and tools it is virtually impossible to tackle the problem at hand. This is another major reason why one should consider hiring experts for repairing their car keys and locks. Professional car locksmiths invest much in buying the right tools and equipment to repair and install the lock systems since this is their major working area of specialization. Probably most experts have all the tools they require in handling all assignments on car locksmith. One’s job is made easier if he or she is using the right equipment and this therefore results to better output.

No Risks Incurred

Professionals in car locksmith ensure that no risks are involved in the work they do. Getting locksmith services from non-professionals exposes one to variety of risks that range from minor injuries to fatal accident since they offer poor quality services, which lead to poor outcomes. In the case where ones car lock is not well fixed, one is exposed to vulnerabilities such as the vehicle being stolen or even items from the car. Hiring an expert gives one surety to top-level service and eliminating all possible risks that might arise from poor installation of the locks. Since they are experienced in this field, probability of negligence and injuries are reduced. On the other hand, non-professionals might tend to forget important things and end up concealing it in the case everything seems to work as expected.


Locksmith InsuranceInsuring ones business is essential and so professional car locksmiths consider this as a requirement so that they cover clients’ vehicles from issues of damage and protecting ones car. When handling ones car and unfortunately something goes wrong, the damage will be covered up.


The above perks of hiring a car locksmith should encourage one to find the best experts to service their cars to avoid losses and damage. One should consider a locksmith who has insight and is able to offer the right advice and recommendations on best locking systems. Furthermore, they should leave one more informed and educated regarding car lock issues.

What Is Proper Pricing For Rekey Services?

So, you want to hire a local locksmith to visit your home and rekey the locks. But, how much is this going to cost you? What should you pay for such services? Although this is a question which is loosely based on location, experience, and the size of the company you hire, there is a base fee which most locksmiths are going to charge, which is typically standard for rekeying services, regardless of where you live. So, what is this cost and who should you hire for rekeying services? Thanks to for the information.

Service call –

service callRegardless of where you live, the type of service, or the locksmith you choose to hire, major locksmith companies and small independent locksmiths are typically going to charge you a service call fee. In most cases, the rate for the service call will fluctuate between $40-$100. This fee will cover the cost of sending a locksmith to your home, having them assess the work to be performed, and a base rate for their services. If a locksmith does not charge a service fee, and simply gives you an arbitrary rate over the phone, this is something to be weary of. In most cases, this is a “bait and switch” technique. The companies which do this will tell you one thing over the phone, then when they arrive, will charge you some crazy, excessive rate when they arrive. Instead, it is far better to pay the service call fee, rather than get stuck with some absurd figure a locksmith throws at you when they arrive at your home.

Lock cylinder rate –

lock cylinderIn addition to the service call fee, locksmiths will charge anywhere from $5-$35 per lock cylinder you want them to rekey. So, whether it is one door, or several doors you need rekeyed, this rate is typically the standard for most companies, both large locksmith companies and small independent companies. What determines this rate? Of course each company has a base figure in mind, so this will be one figure taken into account. In addition to this, the cost of materials, the rates they pay their locksmiths, the amount of time it takes to rekey each lock, and other variables are also taken into consideration. So, when you call a local company, make sure to ask what their rate is per cylinder lock, in addition to the service rate. If companies are weary to provide this information, or do not give you a straightforward response, look elsewhere and contact another company for a quote.

Additional factors –

There is no way each locksmith you call for a quote is going to charge you a flat $50 service call and $10 per cylinder. The rates will vary with each company, and is based on local averages which other locksmiths in the area charge for these fees. In addition to the rate for the service call and each lock cylinder, additional variables which go into the rates a locksmith charges include:
– Location where services are rendered. In LA you will pay far more than you will in a small rural city in Michigan.
– Their reputation, competitor rates, and cost of parts used in services.
– The type of lock being rekeyed. Older locks might require more work, and higher priced parts, this will increase the rates.
– Whether it is a residential job or commercial job.
– Whether it is a big company or a small, private, independent locksmith you hire.
These are a few of the factors which are taken into account, and are added into the base rate you will pay for the service call and per lock cylinder being rekeyed. So, make sure you inquire about each of these rates, and any other fees or costs you will incur, when choosing a local locksmith for service.

If a price is so low it seems suspicious, or so high that it is well above any other company you called, then it is in your best interest to keep calling around for quotes. Additionally, if a company employs in “bait and switch” techniques, and tells you there is no fee for service calls, think twice about hiring them. Although prices will fluctuate, these are basic rates most locksmiths will charge for rekeying, and should be considered when you are deciding on a local company to hire for these services to be completed in your home or commercial business.

Many Kwikset Smartkey Locks Possibly Vulnerable to Hacking

The mechanisms behind many Kwikset Smartkey Locks are not entirely perfect since while they can’t be bumped, they can easily be cracked in many other ways. The fact that they are clever considering a user can easily reprogram the key does in no way guarantee that they are not insecure. Even in the aspects that they incorporate smart technology, the locks are circumventable as will be demonstrated below. The following information is provided by our friends at

To start with, any burglar who is sufficiently committed to gain access to your house can break your window or use a crowbar break the Kwikset Smartkey Locks at the door and get in. The fact that you have a smart lock will not matter to them. To them, hacking their way through the 128-bit, or so, AES encryption in addition to whatever else you have added is a waste of time. Note also that a Halligan that is used by firefighters to legally break down doors costs a mere 250 dollars on Amazon. With Halligan, even a sliding door can easily be pop out. There is also the option of someone simply snatching your actual key and getting in that way.

marc weber tobiasEven when the above methods are not probable, the Locks can be opened in a matter of seconds with the use of a paper clip and a screwdriver. Two notable lock hackers called Toby Bluzmanis and Marc Weber Tobias demonstrated that these locks are not pin-tumbler lock and hence do not have the physical to stop the plug from turning when they are manipulated. They were able to compromise the locks by thwarting one such lock with a 4 inch screwdriver and a torque wrench.

According to the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), the trade association for manufacturers of commercial builders’ hardware, a lock of such quality must be able to withstand three hundred pounds inches of torque, yet these hackers used less to open Kwikset Smartkey Locks. Toby and Marc demonstrated to WIRED, an organization that focuses on the reliability of current and future technology trends that the performance of Kwikset Locks BHMA’s standards. WIRED’s requests for comments on the same from Kwikset have so far been futile.

One smart way of defeating the locks involves inserting a piece of blank into the keyway of the lock and punching out the cap using a hammer on the back of the plug, a small piece of metal. The hackers inserted a wire that has a looped end right into the keyway and turned the tailpiece. The tail piece rotates autonomously with respect to the plug, essentially making a key immaterial. The procedure works in less than one minute leaving no damage and/or trace whatsoever because the original key will still open the locks.

Alternatively, the lock can be compromised by simply inserting a 4-inch screwdriver to the keyway, grasping it with a wrench before turning it to open the Kwikset Smartkey Lock in just fifteen seconds! Ideally, the lock should withstand a torque of 300 pounds-force-inch, yet this method requires slightly a torque slightly higher than 100 pounds-force-inch to overcome the locking mechanism of the Locks. The next method involves taking advantage of the loopholes in the locks’ reprogramming feature.

Kwikset Smartkey reprogrammable structure

smart keySmartkey is essentially a 5-pin lock and hence has six depth increments that correspond to the depth and heights of the valleys and mountains on a key. To reprogram it, the original key is placed in the lock and a tool is inserted into a slot in the face of the lock. The tool shifts the assembly back for approximately an eighth of an inch thereby separating the pins and slider and holding them apart while another new key is being inserted. The lock records the impressions on the key and rearranges the relationship between the sider and pins to match the new key.

To decode the lock using the above feature, a series of keys which are a single depth are inserted into the lock to establish the depth of each and every pin inside the lock. After a pattern that corresponds to the shape of the actual key is obtained, the entire key is designed. Such a key will effortlessly open the lock leaving no sign that the lock has been interfered with.


Practically, many Kwikset Smartkey Locks do not offer a security level higher or lower than any basic deadbolt. They are only safer in some situations, and possibly convenient in others, but no one should think of them as completely fault-proof. They are, essentially, yet another security parlor trick susceptible to hacking just like any other technology-based invention.

The Importance of Rekeying Your New Home

Should I Rekey My Locks When Moving Into Another Home? YES!! Learn Why….

family in front of new homeWhen you move into another home, there are a number of issues that you need to address which are very critical to the security of your new home. They include; new neighbors and the new environment, packing, renovating, mortgage payments and even decorating of your house. The most important question to ask yourself is whether to rekey your locks when you move into a new home. My advice is that rekeying the locks of your new home is one of the best ideas that will help to enhance your home security. This is because if the locks are not replaced and the previous owner had a copy of the key, he or she could easily access your house. Rekeying your locks ensure that you keep away all the strangers including even the previous occupants and other unauthorized people that might cause any security threats to you and your family. If you want more information on lock rekeying head over to as they helped us create this great article.

keys white backgroundThe previous occupant of your house might have some extra keys that he or she might have entrusted to other people for instance, the family members, neighbors, friends and even the domestic employees. This posses a great threat of strangers easily breaking into your home with bad intention of stealing or causing harm to your family and your properties.

Every person would like to live in a peaceful and secure environment without worrying about insecurity issues. However, this will only work out if you take the necessary steps in ensuring that your home is well secured especially at night. There are two options that would help you to enhance the security of your home:

1. Changing your house locks

2. Rekeying your house locks

key in home door lockReplacing your house locks is a more complicated, expensive and invasive method. This is because the old locks are supposed to be replaced with the locks at a cost. This option will only be recommended if there is a feeling that the current lock is not reliable or when you want to upgrade your house lock to strong, efficient and effective locks.

If you are satisfied with the current locks but maybe feel that some copies of your home keys are circulating around, Rekeying your home keys could be the best option for you. Rekeying your key simple means that your home locks are internally modified so that it can only be operated by the new key and not the previous ones. This can be achieved by altering the tumbler or other techniques. The old key is then invalidated thus reducing the chances of break-ins.

Therefore, should I rekey my locks when moving into another home?

YES rekey homeRekeying your home locks is one of the best methods to ensure improved security at home especially at night. To have your house locks rekeyed, it is very important to look for a more trustworthy, advanced and reliable locksmith. The process is very quick, simple and affordable and the benefits are are numerous and amazing. It ensures that you are save and it also gives you a peace of mind to engage on other constructive activities instead of worrying about your security. Failing to rekey your locks or replacing your defective locks posses a great danger to your family and your properties. The benefits that are accompanied with rekeying, are much worthy than the small amount of money you spend on it.

Learn All About Rekeying From Top Professionals is here to give you great information, tutorials, and also recommend sevices for re-keying homes, commercial properties and cars. All of the articles and videos shown on our site are from professional locksmiths or rekey specialists. Learn how to rekey on your own or learn why and when you should re-key your locks.