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Rekeying Your Own Locks

Rekeying the lock system of your home is a crucial security measure that you need to take frequently. The truth is, unless you are the first occupant of the house or office you are in, you can never be sure how many copies of keys for your locks are out there. You therefore need to ensure that you take actions that will limit access of unauthorized individuals to your house. For any service by a locksmith, including rekeying services, you will have to part with quite an amount of your hard earned cash. Rekeying is required frequently hence it can be classified as a recurrent expenditure. So many reasons bring up the need to rekey. Although sometimes it is always wise to leave it to the professionals, sometimes we are constrained by our budget and we have to make a choice on what to pay for and what expenditure o push further forward.

When faced with such a choice, you might be tempted to ignore the need to rekey your lock system. This could be one of the biggest mistake you make since it compromises the security of your home. Instead of postponing rekeying of your locks, you should figure out how to do it at the lowest cost possible. How about you do the rekeying yourself?

Can You Rekey Your Own Locks?

The answer is a YES. Rekeying is not a very complicated task. You can just do it like a pro at a very little cost. Rekeying kits are not that expensive. Once you buy one, you can use it to rekey several lock. If all the locks in your home are from the same brand, you only have to buy one rekeying toolkit. Each kit can rekey a specified number of locks. If you need to rekey more than the specified number of locks, you will have to order for more.

After you acquire the tools, you are now ready for the task ahead. If it your fast time, you will need to have some knowledge about the process, there are so many sources of information regarding rekeying. There are video demos and numerous literature written to guide you through the process of rekeying. Knowing how to go about it should not give you a headache. The following is a general procedure for rekeying most of the locks. However, some locks may include more steps. Ensure that you understand your lock brand and the steps involved in rekeying it.

Removing the lock face.

lock faceThe lock face is also called the door knob. Most door knobs have a small clip attaching it them to the door. You need to first insert the key and turn it until the door is unlocked. Using the small wire-like tool in the toolkit, push the clip inward until the door knob disintegrates from the rest of the door. For some locks, you do not have to open the lock before you remove the nob.

Removing the lock cylinder and the cylinder ring.

At this step, you use the knob follower. Using it, you push the cylinder through the lock housing or casing. For some lock brands, the key should still be inserted the lock opened. The top of the cylinder has several pins and springs. You need to keep the cylinder well held by the cylinder follower to guard the pins and the springs from popping out of the cylinder until the cylinder is securely removed. The retainer ring is removed by just pushing it with the retainer ring remover. Once pushed, it pops off the cylinder. Set it aside so that you can replace it later.

Removing the lock plug.

lock plugThis is the most involving step. It require maximum concentration. It involves separating the upper and the lower pins by inserting the current key and turning it as if you are about to open the lock. Using constant pressure, guide the pug follower through the cylinder.

Removing the old pins.

lock pinsRemove the old locking pins and replace them with the new ones. While inserting the new pins, the new key should be inserted in the lock. Each pin has a unique color. You should insert them according to the color guide provided in the tool kit. After you have inserted the pins, you should then reassemble the whole lock system.

Types Of Mailbox Locks

The mailbox appears as a very simple part of a house, but proves to be highly essential and quite critical to protect its contents against theft. How can this be achieved? Through making certain that a high quality lock is in place to keep all your information safe and intact. This eliminates any worries of someone getting a hold of your mail, along with the endless possibilities of inconveniences and damages that can occur. You may have already realized this with the rise of mail and identity theft, and looking into the types of mailbox locks available today or maybe an entirely new mailbox for utmost security. To be able to come up with the right one that will meet your needs, serve its purpose well and give you priceless peace of mind, there are a number of things to consider brought to you by the guys over at

1. Type of Mailbox

MailboxThere are basically two types, one of which is the wall-mount secured mailbox which is designed to attach to your house, gate, or garage. This is best in a neighborhood wherein a postal carrier would simply drop mail in a box or drop slot mounted into homes. The curbside locking mailbox, as its name implies, is typically placed on a post near the curb of your home. The opening wherein mail is dropped is not locked, instead, the cavity where the mail drops into is kept secure with a mailbox lock.


2. Type of Mail

mailYou would know best what average mail type you receive. The locking curbside mailbox is ideal for larger mail such as envelopes, packages, and magazines. Otherwise, the wall-mounted type would suffice if you often get smaller types of mail. The quantity you normally get is also a factor to consider to see which can comfortably hold your mail while you are away. Some will hold a week or two worth of mail while some can last longer and take several months before contents reach the brim. Most importantly, the ideal sized locking mailbox maintains high levels of security at all times.

In line with the numerous sizes, styles, designs, materials, and types of mailbox, its lock is the most prominent and beneficial feature. There are a myriad of types of mailbox locks available which are suitable for a mailbox, and it’s best to gain insight from experts in the field. They mostly recommend the five-cam lock which features a five-pin tumbler and removable cams. Aside from being reasonably priced, it has the added points of an easy-clip on style and a dust cover for mounting on exteriors. Pin tumblers and wafer locks arrive with numerous key possibilities and cams to fit your mailbox. Truth is, they can all look very similar until you have them installed and you personally use it. So if you have a faulty lock and need a new lock, keeping the old one would be a good idea and factoring in if it turns clockwise or counterclockwise will be helpful in finding a new one.

Regardless of the type, it is important that it exhibits excellent quality because a flimsy lock will be no good at all for still being vulnerable to theft. And even if you do have a good one in place, it must always be in its top working condition and watch out for any malfunction especially with the older ones. You might encounter this stamp on the face of the mailbox: USPS-L-1172C which indicates that it’s a new style and the lock is built upon a differently sized hole. It may be hard to find a replacement lock for this, but they are made of the highest standards. Hence, it is imperative that you know of professional mailbox lock services who would know exactly what to do. They are familiar with all types of mailbox locks available that would perfectly match and fit your current mailbox. Whether you require emergency services to open your mailbox lock, or it is in need of repairs or replacement, you can rely on their expertise and experience of working with various types of mailbox locks. The job will be done in the fastest and most efficient manner by trustworthy technicians who can ensure you with quality work and sure enough, an effective mailbox lock in place.

The Most High Security Locks On The Planet

We all have things that we value in life. We will go to great lengths to protect them from thieves and intruders. One of the ways through which we can achieve this is by locking them away in a secure chamber. The locks in this room must offer the highest level of security achievable so that they can effectively protect your beloved valuables. Regular locks can be picked and broken into. High security locks do not have weaknesses that thieves can exploit. Thus, they are used to protect the most valuable assets in the world for example the Crown Jewels and the contents of the White House. Read on to learn about the most high security locks on the planet brought to you by the guys over at

Assa Compact 3000

This is a very high security lock that is manufactured by Assa Lock Inc. Well known in Europe, this company produces security locks that are of very high quality. The U.S. has also began adopting Assa high security locks. One of the most popular ones is the Assa Compact 3000. This is a heavy duty lock that is designed according to the dimensions used in the United Kingdom. These locks can handle many different sizes of lever furniture. If you are searching for a high security lock, the Assa Compact 3000 will give you the security you desire.

Corbin-Russwin Pyramid lock

corbinThis is a high security lock that can be applied in various situations. Manufactured by Cobin Russwin, this lock makes use of a patented Pyramid nechanism. This mechanism has specially made pin tumbler characteristics. It also has a spring loaded pin to control the lock. The tumbler in this high security lock has seven pins. They are made of hardened stainless steel. In addition to that, the grooves in this lock are resistant to picking. To add to its secure nature, the spring-loaded control pin only allows the key to turn in the lock only if its the correct key. The Pyramid system is made of nickel silver. As such, it will last for decades and perform with 100% efficiency. If you seek a high security lock, the Corbin-Russwin lock is ideal for you.

The Schlage Primus

Schlage is a lock manufacturer that is admired by many across the globe. They make various types of commercial and domestic locks. They have a high secuirty lock known as the Everest Primus lock. This lock makes use of a tumbler locking system as well as sidebar pins. This combination makes this lock unpickable. It cannot be bumped open by lockpicks. This locking system is so unique that the Primus lock key can be used to open regualr Schlage locks. As such, they can be used to open numerous standard locks as well as specialized Primus high security locks.

The Medeco Maxum double cylinder

MedecoPopularly known in the U.S.A., Medeco is a manufacturer of high security locks. They have a huge variety of locks to choose from. One of the most capable high security ones on offer from this manufacturer is the M3 Medeco Maxum double cylinder lock. Built for residential use, this is a lock that has 2 cylinders. This means that one needs two keys to open the lock. This eliminates the possibility of a lockpick using one fake key to open it. This lock has provided many homeowners across the U.S. with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safely guarded by this high security lock.

High security locks have some special features that they all share. These set them apart from regular locks. Here are a number of these characteristics.

Restrictive keyways

There are some special features that all high security locks share. One of these is complicated pathways. The manufacturers of these locks need to make the lock as complicated as possible. So they use paracentric keyways in the locking mechanism. As a result, lockpicks get frustrated when they insert tools to open the locks. This is an effective deterrent to their activities.

Patent protected key bows and patterns

The manufacturers of these keys utilize legal means to control the duplication and cutting of high security keys. They patent the bows and patterns on their keys. This effectively prevents illegal manufacturing of these keys. Moreover, if you want to duplicate the key to a high security lock, you must produce a security card to do this. Moreover, the keys of high security locks require special cutting machines that may only be found at the manufacturer’s plant. Thus, high security locks are a formidable defense against thieves and vandals.

Should You Rekey Car Locks When You Purchase Used Older Vehicles?

Buying a used vehicle is one of the best ways to save some serious money. When you buy a used car that has been repaired, you get a nice looking car at the best price. You also don’t have to pay the original price of the car, and this could help you save a bundle while also getting a popular car from several years ago. There are many benefits to buying a used older vehicle, but there are some key things to worry about. Most people usually overlook the fact that some used cars being resold do not have new seat covers, but this is usually not the worst thing to happen.

Buying a used older vehicle gives the possibility that another person or a friend of the previous owner may have a key to your car. While the chance of this actually happening is fairly small, you’ll find that this is a problem most people worry about. There are people who do, however, deal with problems regarding their car being hijacked because another person already has the key beforehand. provides some useful information about this very subject.

Should You Rekey Car Locks When You Purchase Used Older Vehicles?

older carThis is most definitely something you need to consider. Anybody will tell you that you definitely should consider investing in a rekey of your car to enable for you to protect yourself. The reason behind this is because you never know who may have access to your car, but you also don’t know how strong or weak the key may already be. For example, if the car was made in the early 2,000’s, it may have a different type of key structure which may not be so strong or capable of protecting your car if somebody were to try and break in.

Benefits Of Rekeying A Used Car

– Protects You From Previous Users

Buying any car that is previously owned increases chances that other people have had keys for that car. If you want to avoid knowing others can gain access to this car, you can avoid such a problem by investing in a remedy done right away. It’s all about being up to date and also using the right system for your car. You always want to be sure that the car is ready for this generation.

– Kick It Up A Notch

Having a car from a few years ago is find, but if the design of the car is old and you want a new updated key to use, this is the way to go. Rekeying also opens up the options to go automatic and utilize all kinds of other ways to lock your car. The features that can be added can make a world of difference to your experience, your safety, and the overall opportunities that can open up.

What Is Involved With Rekeying?

car lockDepending on the company you work with, they’ll simply open up your current key system and change it up. This will make sure that a new keying system is opened up, and they will only issue you the one or two keys to open up your new key system. The car may also have potential breakage in the keying system, and it may allow for the car to not lock unless manually done. The truth is that you never know what problems a car may have when they have been used beforehand. Getting a new lock increased safety.

Choosing The Right Rekeying Company

Hiring a company that understands your needs is the most important. They should have experience, understand the process, and actually know what is going on with your car. They should be completely licensed and insured, and their team should be capable on providing you with quality rekeying services where they offer you a wide variety of options.

Rekeying is definitely one of the best ways to maintain a secure used car. Buying a used ad can be dangerous, and so it’s vital that you highly consider getting a rekey done on all doors of your car. Hiring an experienced rekeying company pays off a whole lot because they can handle the removal, installation, and the providing of a new key. It’s definitely worthwhile to invest in a rekeying, but be sure to find the right company who is truly professional

Many Kwikset Smartkey Locks Possibly Vulnerable to Hacking

The mechanisms behind many Kwikset Smartkey Locks are not entirely perfect since while they can’t be bumped, they can easily be cracked in many other ways. The fact that they are clever considering a user can easily reprogram the key does in no way guarantee that they are not insecure. Even in the aspects that they incorporate smart technology, the locks are circumventable as will be demonstrated below. The following information is provided by our friends at

To start with, any burglar who is sufficiently committed to gain access to your house can break your window or use a crowbar break the Kwikset Smartkey Locks at the door and get in. The fact that you have a smart lock will not matter to them. To them, hacking their way through the 128-bit, or so, AES encryption in addition to whatever else you have added is a waste of time. Note also that a Halligan that is used by firefighters to legally break down doors costs a mere 250 dollars on Amazon. With Halligan, even a sliding door can easily be pop out. There is also the option of someone simply snatching your actual key and getting in that way.

marc weber tobiasEven when the above methods are not probable, the Locks can be opened in a matter of seconds with the use of a paper clip and a screwdriver. Two notable lock hackers called Toby Bluzmanis and Marc Weber Tobias demonstrated that these locks are not pin-tumbler lock and hence do not have the physical to stop the plug from turning when they are manipulated. They were able to compromise the locks by thwarting one such lock with a 4 inch screwdriver and a torque wrench.

According to the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), the trade association for manufacturers of commercial builders’ hardware, a lock of such quality must be able to withstand three hundred pounds inches of torque, yet these hackers used less to open Kwikset Smartkey Locks. Toby and Marc demonstrated to WIRED, an organization that focuses on the reliability of current and future technology trends that the performance of Kwikset Locks BHMA’s standards. WIRED’s requests for comments on the same from Kwikset have so far been futile.

One smart way of defeating the locks involves inserting a piece of blank into the keyway of the lock and punching out the cap using a hammer on the back of the plug, a small piece of metal. The hackers inserted a wire that has a looped end right into the keyway and turned the tailpiece. The tail piece rotates autonomously with respect to the plug, essentially making a key immaterial. The procedure works in less than one minute leaving no damage and/or trace whatsoever because the original key will still open the locks.

Alternatively, the lock can be compromised by simply inserting a 4-inch screwdriver to the keyway, grasping it with a wrench before turning it to open the Kwikset Smartkey Lock in just fifteen seconds! Ideally, the lock should withstand a torque of 300 pounds-force-inch, yet this method requires slightly a torque slightly higher than 100 pounds-force-inch to overcome the locking mechanism of the Locks. The next method involves taking advantage of the loopholes in the locks’ reprogramming feature.

Kwikset Smartkey reprogrammable structure

smart keySmartkey is essentially a 5-pin lock and hence has six depth increments that correspond to the depth and heights of the valleys and mountains on a key. To reprogram it, the original key is placed in the lock and a tool is inserted into a slot in the face of the lock. The tool shifts the assembly back for approximately an eighth of an inch thereby separating the pins and slider and holding them apart while another new key is being inserted. The lock records the impressions on the key and rearranges the relationship between the sider and pins to match the new key.

To decode the lock using the above feature, a series of keys which are a single depth are inserted into the lock to establish the depth of each and every pin inside the lock. After a pattern that corresponds to the shape of the actual key is obtained, the entire key is designed. Such a key will effortlessly open the lock leaving no sign that the lock has been interfered with.


Practically, many Kwikset Smartkey Locks do not offer a security level higher or lower than any basic deadbolt. They are only safer in some situations, and possibly convenient in others, but no one should think of them as completely fault-proof. They are, essentially, yet another security parlor trick susceptible to hacking just like any other technology-based invention.

Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

“Does your car key have a twin?” have you ever thought about this question? If you haven’t then you need to seriously consider it. Can you imagine someone else out there having a car key similar to yours? The stranger who may live a few blocks or miles away can easily access your car without fidgeting or struggling. But like most people, you possibly think that the chances of this happening are quite slim. Yes, it is true that the odds are low but many owners get shocked to discover that another key can easily open their car. Sadly, many came to know about this when it was too late. The unscrupulous individual will have gotten away with valuables if not the car. The following is some useful information brought to you by our friends down at

How Does It Happen?

hondaA known fact is that most of us will walk away from our cars after ensuring it is properly locked. We feel confident that no one else can access to the car since we are the only ones in possession of the car key. And no one in his/her right mind would attempt to break into the vehicle in broad day light, right? But, did you know the key combinations used by car manufacturers are limited. Statistics indicate that top brands such as Honda, Toyota or Ford usually have a maximum of about 3500 combinations. This means that at some point they will have to reuse the earlier combinations. This is how car key “twins” are born.

What Are The Risks of the Car Key Having a Twin?

The thought of a twin to your car existing is worrying enough. Can you imagine walking to the parking lot only to discover an empty space? Or another person gaining access to your vehicle and stealing your valuables. You may be lucky to discover the twin in a friendlier manner. Take the case of the mum in Johnson County who recently discovered that her Honda Accord shared the same key with the family’s Honda Odyssey. This is after her 16-year old son mistakenly took the wrong key and was still able to unlock the door and also start the car. Strangely enough, the two cars had been sourced from two different outlets and one car was manufactured two years earlier than the other. What if the discovery had been made by a stranger or a crooked individual?

Car Key Twin Not a New Incident

identical keysAccording to car dealers and locksmiths, cars having identical keys aren’t a new phenomenon. But, many people usually discover this the hard way after the car or items are stolen. The possibility of twins is also evident in electronic keys which use radio frequencies to open or close the doors. Car thieves already know this and are breaking into cars such as Toyota Prius by simply using a radio relay system that amplifies the radio signal right from the car owner’s home. It is not only cars that are affected but homes as well. Thieves usually walk around with a bunch of keys hoping to find a match. You like other people are a likely victim.

What Can You Do About It?

To minimize the odds of the key having a twin many people turn to rekeying. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right solution. Rekeying only offers you another key that has been made using similar tumblers, combinations or cut depths. There is a possibility of another individual owning a twin key. The best solution is to go for a higher grade of lock; for instance, installing dead bolts. This type of locks and keys are made from unique combinations far different from what is used by car manufacturers. The chances of a similar key from the same manufacturer are usually very low-almost nil. It is however important to shop around and look for popular and reputable brands so as to be assured of top notch security.

Although the odds of someone else having a twin to your car key are slim, it pays to be extra vigilant. Maybe you think smashing a window is much faster than trying to unlock the door with a set of keys. But, the truth is that car keys with twins do exist. By installing a new better grade lock, searches on “does your car key have a twin?” and related questions will become a thing of the past.

Can All Locks Be Rekeyed?

The short answer is no. Not all locks can be rekeyed. Non-rekeyable locks do not have mechanisms that can be modified to use other keys. What this means is that if their keys are lost then they will have to be replaced, as they can no longer be used unless the owner owns a precise duplicate of the lost is key. In short, non-rekeyable locks are types of locks whose keys cannot be changed or replaced.

In contrast, rekeyable locks can have their keys changed whenever these are damaged, lost or copied without by someone without authorization. Therefore, rekeyable locks are easier to modify to accept a new key than non-rekeyable ones.

The most common type of non-rekeyable locks are non-rekeyable padlocks, but other locks can also be designed to have non-rekeyable features. Safe locks and deadbolt locks, for example, can also have non-rekeyable cylinders. So if you require additional information about these security devices, and what they have to offer, then thanks to the guys down at Gilbert Locksmith Pros In Arizona, this article will teach you what you need to know.

What Are The Features of Non-Rekeyable Locks?

lock pickingNon-rekeyable locks are generally harder to pick than rekeyable locks. Moreover, they are also generally more durable than most ordinary rekeyable locks, and can withstand harsh conditions as well as corrosive environments. These locks are also made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, rust-resistant brass and boron alloy, for example. They are also often chrome plated to prevent rust and corrosion.

It’s also worth mentioning that many non-rekeyable locks come with optional upgrades to increase their durability. They can, for example, be upgraded to increase their security features, so as to make them less vulnerable to lock picks or coated with additional anti-corrosion substances. So if you want to get these locks for your home, make sure that you actually need their features.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Non-Rekeyable Locks

non rekeyableNon-rekeyable locks are designed to be used on specific rooms, closets, quarters or safes, and this specificity can be considered an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how one looks at it.

Using a single lock with a single key offers a certain amount of security and secrecy than using a lock which shares the same key with other locks in your home or business establishment. For one thing, the one-key-for-one-lock system makes it less likely for people to make copies of your key or worse, steal it. So as long as you don’t share your key with anyone, your non-rekeyable lock will remain relatively secure.

Another advantage of non-rekeyable locks is that many of them are designed to be tough and difficult to pick. This makes them and their cylinders more secure and durable than most rekeyable locks, and therefore, more valuable in terms of security.

On the other hand, it’s also worth mentioning that non-rekeyable locks do not share any of the features or advantages of rekeyable locks. For example, rekeyable locks only need to have their cylinders changed instead of the entire lock whenever their keys are lost or copied. This is a good thing if you don’t have enough money to spare to buy a new lock.

Another advantage that rekeyable locks have over their non-rekeyable counterparts is that they provide thousands of combinations for you to choose from. A lock which has 5 to 6 pin rekeyable cylinders, for example, will allow you to get new keys regularly.

So remember that non-rekeyable locks have their fair share of pros and cons, and as long as you put their features in the right security context, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you need them or not.

Who Should Buy Non-Rekeyable Locks?

Non-rekeyable locks are made for people who want to a lock with a specific key. These locks can be for anything, but the common factors here are privacy and security. They are designed for people who do not wish to share their keys with anyone, or who wish to have a specific lock for their personal safe or study.

Non-rekeyable locks are also good for people who want to get customized locks, since these often require specific, customised keys. So if you have similar needs then a non-rekeyable lock may just be what you need.