Kwikset Smartkey Vulnerable to Lock Picking?

Kwikset is an American based company that makes a slew of security products. They are one of the top lock companies in the world and make a lot of great products. As with every company, they do have some products that are lackluster in their quality. I have seen many complaints from users of the Smartkey Kwikset locks (mainly locksmiths) that have problems with the security level of the key.

The locks where designed to make the process of re-keying your own locks a cinche, and the lock is designed to be able to be rekeyed by any user quickly and effectively. Here is the page on their website:

Something to think about if you are thinking about installing these locks on your home exterior locks!

Here is another article on that goes into more detail about the problems with the locks:

Watch as Mr Locksmith unlocks this lock in under 10 seconds.

Here is an instructional video about rekeying the Smartkey lock

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