The Importance of Rekeying Your New Home

Should I Rekey My Locks When Moving Into Another Home? YES!! Learn Why….

family in front of new homeWhen you move into another home, there are a number of issues that you need to address which are very critical to the security of your new home. They include; new neighbors and the new environment, packing, renovating, mortgage payments and even decorating of your house. The most important question to ask yourself is whether to rekey your locks when you move into a new home. My advice is that rekeying the locks of your new home is one of the best ideas that will help to enhance your home security. This is because if the locks are not replaced and the previous owner had a copy of the key, he or she could easily access your house. Rekeying your locks ensure that you keep away all the strangers including even the previous occupants and other unauthorized people that might cause any security threats to you and your family. If you want more information on lock rekeying head over to as they helped us create this great article.

keys white backgroundThe previous occupant of your house might have some extra keys that he or she might have entrusted to other people for instance, the family members, neighbors, friends and even the domestic employees. This posses a great threat of strangers easily breaking into your home with bad intention of stealing or causing harm to your family and your properties.

Every person would like to live in a peaceful and secure environment without worrying about insecurity issues. However, this will only work out if you take the necessary steps in ensuring that your home is well secured especially at night. There are two options that would help you to enhance the security of your home:

1. Changing your house locks

2. Rekeying your house locks

key in home door lockReplacing your house locks is a more complicated, expensive and invasive method. This is because the old locks are supposed to be replaced with the locks at a cost. This option will only be recommended if there is a feeling that the current lock is not reliable or when you want to upgrade your house lock to strong, efficient and effective locks.

If you are satisfied with the current locks but maybe feel that some copies of your home keys are circulating around, Rekeying your home keys could be the best option for you. Rekeying your key simple means that your home locks are internally modified so that it can only be operated by the new key and not the previous ones. This can be achieved by altering the tumbler or other techniques. The old key is then invalidated thus reducing the chances of break-ins.

Therefore, should I rekey my locks when moving into another home?

YES rekey homeRekeying your home locks is one of the best methods to ensure improved security at home especially at night. To have your house locks rekeyed, it is very important to look for a more trustworthy, advanced and reliable locksmith. The process is very quick, simple and affordable and the benefits are are numerous and amazing. It ensures that you are save and it also gives you a peace of mind to engage on other constructive activities instead of worrying about your security. Failing to rekey your locks or replacing your defective locks posses a great danger to your family and your properties. The benefits that are accompanied with rekeying, are much worthy than the small amount of money you spend on it.

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